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    As a service organisation, commissioned by the Church through the Archbishop, our mission is to serve those in Catholic educational communities and contribute to the achievement of excellence and equity in schooling. The service role of Catholic Education Melbourne has as its source and inspiration the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

    Vision Mission ValuesThrough a range of direct services to Archdiocesan Catholic schools and parishes, Catholic Education Melbourne: 

    • advocates for and promotes Catholic schools as part of the Church and partners with parents in the Church’s educational mission
    • leads and supports Catholic schools in offering an outstanding education in faith and knowledge as schools of first choice for Catholic parents
    • in partnership with Catholic schools is accountable to parents and governments for public expenditure and the performance of schools
    • offers a range of services to school communities to support and strengthen religious education, leadership development, good governance, excellence and innovation in student learning and continuous school improvement
    • is committed to the equitable distribution of resources, with a special solicitude towards poor and needy communities, individuals and families
    • advocates for and promotes Catholic schools as public institutions contributing to the achievement of the public goals of excellence and equity.

    Our Values

    Each person is created in the image of God and called to communion with God. Therefore, all human life is sacred and every human being has an innate dignity. This understanding of the human person is at the heart of the values that underpin Catholic education.


    We are inspired by Christian love and compassion in all our relationships with students, staff, parents and the community.

    Equity and justice

    We seek to provide equitable access and opportunity for all with a preferential option for the poor and marginalised.


    We continually strive for excellence in learning, teaching and all we do.


    We share a spirit of optimism and joy sustained by Faith.


    We foster a sense of community and belonging for all and are committed to welcome, partnership and service. We strive to develop the potential of each individual.


    We respect the dignity, diversity and contribution of each person.


    We are stewards of creation, treasuring, developing and conserving the gifts and resources that have been entrusted to us.

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