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  • 4.05 Services Guide

    Business Advisory Services 


    Manager: John Henderson 

    Electronic Purchasing
    Goods and Services Tax (GST)
    Grant Allocations and Distributions
    Internal Audits
    External Audits
    Management of Government Funding
    Office Accounting
    Online Staffing Records (OSR)
    Oversight of CECV Financial Statements and Obligations 

    School Accounting  

    Manager: Helen Zeeuwe 

    External Auditor Management for Schools
    Finance Helpdesk
    School Accounting Services
    School Administration Software
    Statement of Services (Schools)
    Training of School Services Officers
    Goods and Services Tax (GST)
    Online Staffing Records (OSR)

    Human Resources and Administration  

    Manager: Martina Smythe 

    Catering Services
    Catholic Education Melbourne Employment and Induction
    Catholic Education Melbourne Human Resources
    Catholic Education Melbourne Leave Administration
    Catholic Education Melbourne Payroll
    Catholic Education Melbourne Staff Training and Professional Learning
    Catholic Education Melbourne Travel Administration
    Catholic Education Melbourne Organisational Chart
    Salary Packaging
    Long Service Leave
    Mail and Dispatch
    Registry and Archives

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    Catholic Education and Identity Services  

    Religious Education and Catholic Identity  

    Coordinating Manager: Tony Byrne 

    Catechist Support
    Enhancing Catholic School Identity
    Leadership in Faith
    RE Curriculum
    RE Professional Learning
    RESource Website
    Secondary REC networks
    Sponsored Studies in RE and Theology
    Teacher Accreditation 

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    Leadership and Learning 

    Catholic Leadership Centre  

    Venue Manager: Richard Blackman 

    Conferencing and Professional Learning Facilities
    Accommodation Suites 

    Leadership and Professional Learning  

    Manager: Cath Dillon 

    Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership
    Appointment to Principalship
    Aspiring to Principalship
    Australian Performance and Development Framework
    Early Career Teachers
    Emerging Leaders Program
    Enhancing Leadership Team Capability
    International Speakers
    Primary Principal Appraisal
    Primary Principal Professional Learning Program
    Principal Coaching
    Principal Induction
    Professional Learning across the Leadership Continuum
    Professional Learning Activities (IPLS)
    School Improvement Framework (SIF)
    School Improvement Reports (SIR)
    Study Support (Educational Leadership)
    Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT)
    Women in Leadership 

    Curriculum and Secondary Services  

    Manager: Rosalie Jones
    and Simon Lindsay (from 20 July 2015)

    Assessment and Reporting
    Auspiced Training Industry Partnerships (ATIP)
    Australian Curriculum
    Catholic Education Week Visual Arts Exhibition
    Contemporary Learning Research
    Curriculum Planning
    Enrolment in Secondary Schools
    Gala Concert
    Learning Centred Schools Framework
    Languages P–12
    Pathways and Transition Support
    Placed Teachers
    Principal Support
    Science P–12
    Strategic Advice to Schools and Parents
    Student Destinations Post Year 12
    VCE and VCAL Senior Secondary Certificates
    Vocational Education and Training in Schools (VETiS)
    Workplace Learning 

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    Planning and Infrastructure 

    Infrastructure and Capital Funding  

    Manager: Fergus Chisholm 

    Capital Grants
    Catholic Education Melbourne Building Management
    Contemporary Learning Spaces
    Emergency Management
    Relocatable Classrooms
    School Maintenance
    School Master Planning
    Supplementary Capital Fund (SCF)
    Trades Skills Centres 


    Manager: Pat Love 

    Enrolment Mapping and Parish Boundaries
    Enrolment Procedures
    New School Planning and Site Identification
    Planning Profiles and Demographics
    Strategic Planning
    Town Planning Advice 

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    Student Learning and Family Engagement

    Student Learning 

    Manager: Judy Connell

    Additional Learning Needs (ALN)
    Allied Health Services
    Autism Spectrum Support
    Behaviour Support Program
    Enhancing Early Reading Intervention Knowledge (ERIK)
    ESL/New Arrivals/Refugee Support
    Gifted Education
    Indigenous Education Support
    Individual Learning Plans and Program Support Strategy
    Learning Support Officer Strategy
    Literacy Intervention Strategy
    Literacy P–12
    Mathematics P–12
    More Support for Students with Disabilities (MSSD)
    Numeracy Intervention
    Oral Language Program (OLSEL)
    Out-of-Home Care
    Phonological Early Reading Instruction (PERI)
    Reading Recovery
    Referral Services
    Review of Student Services Departments in Schools
    School-Wide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS)
    Technology Enriched Curriculum Project (TECP)

    Wellbeing and Community Partnerships 

    Manager: Dennis Torpy

    Child Protection/Mandatory Reporting
    Community Arts
    Critical Incident Management
    Duty Officer Service
    Family–School Partnerships
    Mental Health
    National Safe Schools Framework
    Restorative Practices
    School Boards
    Schools as Core Community Centres (SACCC)
    Social and Emotional Learning (SEL)
    Student Attendance and Engagement
    Student Wellbeing Action Partnership (SWAP) Website
    Student Wellbeing Drama Festival
    Student Wellbeing Leaders Credentialled Learning
    Student Wellbeing Leaders Strategy
    Victorian Catholic Schools Parent Body

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    Enterprise Services

    Analysis, Policy and Research 

    Manager: Anna Rados

    Business Continuity Management
    CEOM Corporate Planning and Strategy
    CEOM Policy Governance
    Copyright Advice
    Data Analysis and Reporting
    Research and Evaluation
    Risk Management
    School Compliance and Registration

    Communications and Marketing 

    Manager: Adam Pearce (1 January to 3 July 2015)
    and Michael Pountney (Acting Manager, 3 July to 31 December 2015) 

    Annual Report to the School Community Support
    Catholic Education Today Magazine
    Catholic Online Mail for Schools (COMS) and Other School Communications
    CEOM, CECV and CEVN Website Management
    CEOM and CECV Publications
    CEVN Key Events Calendar
    Director’s eNews
    Events Coordination
    Government Relations and Public Affairs
    Graphic Design and Editing
    Marketing and Promotions
    Media Advice


    Chief Program Officer: Nigel Montgomery

    Implementation of an integrated system-wide learning, administration, and school planning product and tools for schools

    Industrial Relations 

    Manager: John Jordan

    Appointments & Contracts of Employment
    Conditions of Service
    Grievance and Due Process Procedures
    Holiday Pay and Leave Loading
    Occupational Health and Safety
    Parental Leave
    Principals’ Contracts
    Salaries and Rates of Pay
    Salary Assessment
    Victorian Catholic Education Multi Enterprise Agreement 2013 (VCEMEA)
    Work Cover

    IT Services 

    Manager: Michael Haigh

    CEOM/CLC LAN Management
    Corporate Application Support
    Data Management
    Desktop Support and ICT Helpdesk
    Disaster Recovery
    Management of Web Services
    System-wide Email Services
    System-wide Web Filtering
    WAN Management

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    Legal Services

    Legal Counsel 

    General Corporate Legal Counsel: Nancy Bicchieri

    Contract Management
    Executive Director’s Legal Counsel
    General Legal Advice
    Oversight of all Legal Matters

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