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    Students today are immersed in a globalising world that is marked by rapid scientific and technological growth. As technology advances, we are challenged to collaborate with schools and lead new pedagogical models for learning and teaching, incorporating new technologies in the classroom and providing new learning spaces to meet the needs of students. 

    Theme 2: Quality Teaching for all Learners, Catholic Education Melbourne Strategic Plan 2015–2019 

    Personal Story

    Saran Kim
    Year 12 Student, Mater Christi College, Belgrave


    Secondary Services and Special Events Unit provides:

    • strategic advice for secondary principals, including referral to other supports available
    • support for secondary schools around the interpretation of enrolment guidelines, and for secondary schools and parents around enrolment issues
    • strategic advice to secondary parents
    • advice regarding payment of fees in secondary colleges
    • support for secondary principals through induction to later stages of their careers
    • liaison with the Principals Association of Victorian Catholic Secondary Schools (PAVCSS) and the Regional Catholic Principals Association (RCPA).

    The Secondary Services Unit manages the following Special Events for Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Melbourne:

    • Visual Arts Exhibition (F–12), held annually during Catholic Education Week 
    • Young Speaker Colloquium for secondary schools, also held annually during Catholic Education Week
    • A biennial Gala Concert for secondary schools, Time to Shine.  Production for the 2016 concert began in March 2015. It will be held at the Regent Theatre, Collins Street, Melbourne on 30 April 2016. There are over 350 students from 57 Catholic secondary schools involved in this production.
    • World Youth Day. In 2015 the unit sought nominations of students from our secondary schools, collected data from these students and began the process of registering them as pilgrims for WYD 2016 in Krakow, Poland. The unit also selected appropriate teachers from schools to accompany the students. Formation for both students and teachers began in preparation for WYD 2016.

    Key Events

    Secondary enrolment process:

    In consultation with the Planning Unit, the Secondary Service Unit handled all enquiries regarding enrolment from parents wishing to enrol their children in Catholic secondary schools in the Archdiocese of Melbourne, and provided advice for principals and registrars regarding enrolment.

    Visual Art Exhibition:

    A call for submissions of art works from students in all Catholic schools from Foundation to Year 12 was made by the Unit. Once the art works had been selected by curators, drawn from school art staff, the Unit hung the works in the Celtic Hall at the Catholic Leadership Centre for display during Catholic Education Week 2015. There was a presentation of awards on the Sunday at the end of Catholic Education Week to which the prize winners, families, principals and school staffs were invited.

    Colloquium for Year 10 students

    The colloquium for Year 10 students is held annually on the afternoon of the Catholic Education Week Mass of St Patrick for Schools. Former students of Catholic schools are invited to speak about their lives post school and how much their education within a Catholic setting influenced them.

    Time to Shine

    After a very successful concert at the Palais Theatre in 2014, the Unit auditioned students to perform in the next Gala which will take place in 2016 at the Regent Theatre. The selected students commenced rehearsals in July 2015.

    World Youth Day

    World Youth Day 2016 will take place in Krakow, Poland in July/August 2016. Nominations of students were received from schools and teachers were selected to accompany them. Formation of the students and teachers commenced in 2015. Registration of the students and teachers with the World Youth Day Victorian Pilgrimage was commenced.

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