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    There is an increasing need to provide school services more efficiently and effectively. We need to continue developing strategic alliances and stronger partnerships with parents, parishes, local government, business and community services and explore options to co-locate schools with community health centres, kindergartens and activity centres. 

    Theme 3: Capability to Better Serve and Lead, Catholic Education Melbourne Strategic Plan 2015–2019 

    Personal Story


    Patricia Cowling
    Former Principal, Genazzano FCJ College, Kew



    The Industrial Relations (IR) Unit of Catholic Education Melbourne provides an industrial relations service to Catholic schools across Victoria, funded under a Service Level Agreement with the Catholic Education Commission of Victoria Ltd (CECV). It also provides services and advice to parish priests and school principals on industrial relations, Occupational Health and Safety (OHS), WorkCover and Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO).

    In 2015 the IR Unit:

    • continued the implementation of the Victorian Catholic Education Multi Enterprise Agreement 2013 (VCEMEA) including salary increases in February and August 2015 for all school staff
    • negotiated with the Independent Education Union Victoria Tasmania (IEU) agreed interpretation of key clauses in the VCEMEA, including personal leave deductions, Category B recall and teacher attendance time
    • gained approval for 12 new employees for coverage under the VCEMEA have been granted by the Fair Work Commission
    • conducted over 130 OHS school safety assessments
    • developed the CECV Professional Enrichment Leave Guidelines for secondary principals
    • updated the salary assessment calculator for schools with improved functionality
    • produced three WorkCover training videos for school leaders
    • improved incident reporting process for schools in relation to notifiable incidents
    • produced a training video for schools in relation to the use of social media by staff
    • commenced the development of the IR section of the new CECV website.

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