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    There is an increasing need to provide school services more efficiently and effectively. We need to continue developing strategic alliances and stronger partnerships with parents, parishes, local government, business and community services and explore options to co-locate schools with community health centres, kindergartens and activity centres. 

    Theme 3: Capability to Better Serve and Lead, Catholic Education Melbourne Strategic Plan 2015–2019 

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    Patricia Cowling
    Former Principal, Genazzano FCJ College, Kew


    The Human Resources (HR) and Administration Team at Catholic Education Melbourne is responsible for the provision of best practice HR strategy delivery, programs, support, payroll and administrative processes to all staff of Catholic Education Melbourne in supporting Catholic education in our schools.

    In line with To Serve and Lead: Strategic Plan 20152019 to achieve a high level of capability to lead and serve, the HR and Administration teams continue to partner with Catholic Education Melbourne management to deliver a diverse range of HR management services and processes to support the achievement of Catholic Education Melbourne’s goals.

    Recruitment and Selection Strategy 2015

    Human Resources have implemented the new service model for recruitment. This is streamlining the processes associated with recruitment and selection in line with the Strategic Plan to develop and retain high quality staff. The new Recruitment Policy saw the introduction of a centralised end-to-end to end recruitment for Catholic Education Melbourne. This was particularly effective in 2015 for the resourcing the implementation of the Catholic Education Services restructure and for the successful management of over 80 separate recruitment campaigns.

    Policy and Strategy

    Human Resources will be working with the Leadership team to develop a Leadership Development program for Catholic Education Melbourne management. This will be in line with the Leadership Development program provided to our principals and in other Catholic dioceses.

    Human Resources is currently working on new Conflict of Interest Policy and compliance training module to ensure all staff in the organisation understand their responsibilities in relation to their employment and potential conflicts of interest.

    New Catholic Education Melbourne Induction Program

    With a focus on Catholic identity, Human Resources has introduced a new employee Induction Program. This new Induction contexts the role of Catholic Identity in our working lives – what it means to work in a Catholic organisation and how we can actively promote this through all that we do in our workplace.

    HR Strategic Business Partnerships

    Working with allocated Managers across the organisation, the HR Business Partnership Model provides one point of contact for each business unit. This ensures a proactive approach to assisting managers with their staffing issues ensuring consistency support and advice. This has been very effective when rolling out new processes, policies and tools.

    HR Online

    The introduction of online applications for Flexible Working Arrangements have proven very effective in the workflow for manager approval and in the reporting capability to enable the necessary payroll database updates in time for the new school year.

    Other initiatives

    In addition to providing services and facilities for both internal and external business meetings with the new level five meeting facilities, the new staff lounge area also ‘opened’ in 2015 with feedback as to the high standard of presentation and service provided.

    Catholic Education Services (CES) Restructure

    As part of the organisational restructure in Catholic Education Services, Human Resources supported the CES team with the implementation of the changes required.