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    There is an increasing need to provide school services more efficiently and effectively. We need to continue developing strategic alliances and stronger partnerships with parents, parishes, local government, business and community services and explore options to co-locate schools with community health centres, kindergartens and activity centres. 

    Theme 3: Capability to Better Serve and Lead, Catholic Education Melbourne Strategic Plan 2015–2019 

    Personal Story


    Patricia Cowling
    Former Principal, Genazzano FCJ College, Kew


    In 2015 the Communications and Marketing Unit provided key support to school leaders with the following materials:

    • weekly email correspondence on operational matters
    • fortnightly e-newsletter from the Executive Director including information on curriculum matters, media articles, Church and Catholic news, and professional learning opportunities for principals and members of school leadership teams
    • quarterly magazine for parents titled Catholic Education Today 
    • special emails for instant notification on urgent matters
    • media releases on behalf of the sector

    Main Activities

    Public Affairs

    Following the negotiations in the lead up to the 2014 election, the Unit supported the Executive Director’s discussions with the Victorian Government over the Bill to legislate the linkage funding arrangements to link funding for Catholic schools at 25 per cent of the cost of education in government schools. The Executive Director also successfully championed this legislation to ensure bipartisan support from the Government and the opposition.

    The Unit also played a role in promoting research favourable to the sector, including a report by Dr Gary Marks, which revealed that Catholic education provided a 6 point advantage on Year 12 ATAR results over equivalent students in government schools. Media efforts focused on both the Australian Government and federal Opposition’s positions around future funding reforms for the 2016 Federal Election. 


    Catholic Education Victorian Network

    In October 2015 the Catholic Education Victorian Network (CEVN) intranet underwent a minor redevelopment when the front page of the site was given a new ‘look & feel’. As well as being more appealing, this change enabled the site to be more responsive for users – able to easily be viewed on tablets and phones.

    Along with the ‘look & feel’ news items on the front page, the navigation was revamped to allow lower level menu items to display. The site continues to be the main portal for the exchange of data and correspondence between Catholic Education Melbourne and schools. Teacher resources, weekly operational correspondence, policies, financial worksheets, emergency management, student attendance, government compliance regarding registration and privacy, together with over 400 professional learning activities, provide essential information for school personnel strengthening school compliance and operations. All employees within the Victorian Catholic education sector are able to access their personal service records within the CEVN site. 

    Catholic Education Websites 

    The website you are currently visiting promotes Catholic education in the Archdiocese of Melbourne. Content is constantly updated, along with the addition of new resources and initiatives, links, and fortnightly updates to staff and the services provided. In 2015 weekly news stories focused on achievements, awards, stories and celebrations from our growing school community. The number of subscribers to the Positions Vacant alert, available via the Find a Job section, continued to expand.

    In 2015 the Publications Team delivered frequent updates to two public websites: this Catholic Education website and the Catholic Education Commission of Victoria Ltd (CECV) site on behalf of the Commission. In July 2015 the internal staff intranet was completed redeveloped and renamed – now known as gabriel after the archangel responsible for delivering good news – with a fresh look and greater functionality to quickly locate frequently used items including school data, and a new style of noticeboard with daily updates from the Executive Director.

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    Top hit sections on the Catholic Education Melbourne website

    Email Correspondence

    emails from exec director 

    Number of emails sent out from the Executive Director in 2015

    Catholic Online Mail for Schools 

    The Catholic Online Mail for Schools (COMS), a weekly email to school principals on a range of operational and curriculum matters linked to correspondence on the CEVN intranet, was distributed each Friday of the school term. Occasional special messages were required for extraordinary or urgent items.

    Also distributed to all staff in Melbourne Catholic schools was an Easter message from the Archbishop, a World Teacher’s Day message, and the annual Christmas message from the Executive Director.

    Director’s eNews  

    Director’s eNews, a fortnightly online newsletter, continued to be the leading newsletter to schools where the Executive Director imparted news to principals on:

    • coming events in the Catholic community
    • major educational policy directions
    • stories on best practice in schools across the Archdiocese of Melbourne
    • a summary of recent media reports on educational matters
    • opportunities for professional learning
    • a Catholic identity article as the lead article in each edition.

    Director’s eNews was also emailed to parish priests, leaders of religious congregations and Catholic Education Melbourne staff each fortnight.



    The new Strategic Plan 2015–2019, launched in May 2015, accompanied the rebranding of the office to become Catholic Education Melbourne. A wide variety of publications were produced in 2015, including brochures, reports, statistical bulletins, flyers, Mass booklets, Catholic Education Week promotions, catechists’ student and teacher booklets, conference paraphernalia and invitations, and an update of the two parent handbooks. Four editions of Catholic Education Today were distributed to families via their child’s school, with stories including stories of life lessons coming from hardship, past students who have gone onto social justice initiatives, the great debate about homework, school celebrations of the centenary of the ANZAC landing at Gallipoli, drug education, and inspirational stories of current students, from Year 12 College Captain and Sudan refugee Anei Thou, to Year 4 student Laura Davoli, who despite losing both legs from the effects of a life-threatening virus, has nothing but a positive outlook on life. The stories of Catholic schools and students are endless, and Catholic Education Today is a small way to celebrate their journeys.