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    Infrastructure and Capital Funding

    General Overview

    The Infrastructure and Capital Funding team supports schools to undertake their capital development through a number of initiatives:

    • Australian Government Capital Grants Programme
    • Trade Training Centres in Schools
    • Supplementary Capital Fund
    • Master Planning Support
    • Relocatable Classrooms
    • Moonlight Head.

    Australian Government Capital Grants Programme

    The Australian Government Capital Grants Programme is available to assist schools in undertaking their capital development projects and operates on an annual basis. Schools submit their project proposals for consideration in December and the assessment and recommendations process is concluded by the following September. The government has extended this funding through to 2017.

    Trade Training Centres in Schools

    The Trade Training Centres in Schools (TTC)program was introduced by the Australian Government in 2008 to support the development of school facilities to provide for vocational education and training. The Sector was successful in securing support to the amount of just over $12.3m in the final round of the program. This program is now closed.

    Supplementary Capital Fund

    The Supplementary Capital Fund (SCF) is serviced by a per-head capital levy on primary school students in the Archdiocese of Melbourne, to assist these schools with annual capital repayments for approved projects including the establishment of new schools. This program runs on an annual basis.

    Master Planning Support

    The master planning support for schools continues to be an important process in enabling schools to plan their capital and facility development, to reflect changes in pedagogical practice and enrolment changes that impact on the space required by a school for education purposes.

    Relocatable Classrooms

    The modular relocatable classroom was introduced to the CEOM in the 1970’s as a building that could be installed at schools with urgent short-term accommodation needs. In 2014, the CEOM administered a pool of 85 relocatable classrooms to assist schools with their short-term needs.

    Relocatable classrooms are allocated by the CEOM on an annual needs basis. A school’s enrolment profile and the amount of space available per student are assessed and taken into consideration. Master plans are seen as assisting schools in determining the type and location of permanent and relocatable facilities required to support schools, to respond to the changes in enrolment profiles.

    Moonlight Head

    The Moonlight Head site is to be developed by the CEOM to create a Rural Learning campus for the Catholic sector. The site is around 400 hectares of land located on the southern side of the Great Ocean Road at Wattle Hill, some 65 kilometres south-west of the Victorian coastal resort town of Apollo Bay. The Moonlight Head campus will provide a stimulating opportunity for students in truly remote coastal environment.

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    Main Activities

    Eighteen schools were successful in receiving funding support totalling just over $23 million under the Capital Grants Programme (CGP). These projects are shown below:


    Personal Story


    Molly McQueen
    Year 12 student in 2014
    Avila College, Mount Waverley.
    Profoundly deaf and totally dependent on two cochlear implants to hear, Molly McQueen graduated from Avila College, Mount Waverley, at the end of 2014 with an ATAR of 84.6 and is now studying psychology and forensic science at Swinburne University.

    I think the best thing I can say about my time at Avila College is that they treated me as a normal person and made sure my disability didn’t stop me doing anything that I wanted to do at school. So many activities, like the Year 10 study trip to Italy, will stay with me for a lifetime.

    I always thought it must be pretty expensive to provide for someone like me, but when I stopped to think about everything Avila did it reinforced that I had the best time at high school.

    The personalised support I received was wonderful –from radio frequency microphones that transmitted directly into my ear and specialist computer equipment, to teachers being my ears at swimming carnivals and providing a note taker in Year 12 English.

    And it went well beyond funding. So many teachers were there for me, like Mr Johnson in Year 12 legal studies, who met with me one-on-one every week to make sure I understood everything. I got a study score of 40 and was so glad to be able to repay his commitment.

    I now want to help others and to work in the legal justice system, maybe with victims of crime, and also to mentor people with deafness, because not a lot of deaf students had the same access to funding and the same experience as me.

    I know I wouldn’t be where I am without Avila.

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    E No. School Name Location Project Description Proposed Grant
    E1395 St Lawrence School Derrimut Construction of a multipurpose facility, general learning spaces and associated spaces. $2,000,000
    E1392 St Francis of Assisi Catholic Primary School Tarneit Construction of three general learning areas, a central specialist area and student amenities. $1,250,000
    E1399 St Mary of the Cross Point Cook Construction of a Learning Community, administration facilities and associated site works. $1,300,000
    E1177 St Thomas Aquinas School Norlane Demolition and refurbishment of three classrooms. Construction of a resource space and associated areas. $1,000,000
    E1281 Holy Eucharist School St Albans South Construction of administration facility and associated areas. $400,000
    E1329 St Catherine’s School Lalor West Construction of a learning neighbourhood consisting of four general learning areas and breakout spaces. $1,320,000
    E1175 Sacred Heart School St Albans Construction of general learning areas with collaborative learning spaces and associated works. $2,200,000
    E1199 St Gerard’s School Dandenong North Demolition of buildings and the construction of flexible, general learning areas and student amenities. $2,390,000
    E1287 St Dominic’s School Melton Demolition and reconstruction of student amenities and general learning areas. $1,250,000
    E1367 Good Samaritan Catholic Primary School Roxburgh Park Construction of general learning areas, their associated spaces and external works including car parking. $1,000,000
    E1314 Our Lady’s School Craigieburn Construction of a Year 5–6 centre and associated works. $1,000,000
    E1398 St Joseph’s Flexible Learning Centre North Melbourne Demolition and the reconstruction of learning spaces, specialist spaces for hospitality and student amenities. $750,000
    E1363 Penola Catholic College Broadmeadows Reconstruction of multipurpose sports and assembly hall, including staff facilities and storage areas. $1,150,000
    E1318 Catholic Regional College Melton Melton Construction of a Year 9 Learning Centre. $1,450,000
    E1272 MacKillop Catholic Regional College Werribee Construction of eight general learning areas and associated works. $500,000
    E1371 Thomas Carr College Tarneit Construction of a performing arts centre. $1,000,000
    E1359 St Ignatius College Geelong Drysdale Construction of general purpose learning areas and associated works. $2,100,000
    E1385 Catholic Regional College Caroline Springs Caroline Springs Construction of a specialist learning area to create a Technology Centre. $950,000

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    Under Round 5, Phase 1, of the Trade Training Centres in Schools program, the three projects in the Archdiocese that were successful in receiving funding support for their capital works have received confirmation of this funding assistance and are now progressing to the construction phase of their projects. These projects are shown below:


      School   School Name Value of TTC funding
    1 Marymede and St Mary’s TTC Lead School St Mary’s College for Hearing Impaired Students, Wantirna South $1,400,000
    Cluster School Marymede Catholic College, South Morang
    2   Penola Catholic College TTC Lead School Penola Catholic College, Broadmeadows $1,260,000
    3   St Monica’s College TTC Lead School St Monica’s College, Epping $1,000,000

    Under the Supplementary Capital Fund (SCF), 12 Catholic primary schools received just over $5,757,878 in funding support for their capital projects, as shown in the table below:

    E No. School Name School Location Project Description Funding Support
    E1399 St Mary of the Cross Point Cook Construction of Stage 2 of a new school to include a Learning Community, Administration Facilities and associated site works. $1,198,154
    E1387 Mother Teresa School Mount Ridley Construction of a Leadership Centre for Year 5/6 students, a central meeting space and an outdoor learning space. $646,184
    E1219 St Christopher’s School Glen Waverley Refurbishment of three existing General Purpose Learning Areas (GPLA) to create flexible learning spaces. $243,548
    E1175 Sacred Heart School St Albans Construction of general learning areas with collaborative learning spaces and associated works. $1,817,304
    E1088 Holy Rosary School Kensington Structural remodelling and redevelopment of existing ground floor GPLAs and corridors. $227,498
    E1086 St Brigid’s School Healesville Construction of toilets, classrooms, and associated external works. $226,620
    E1057 St Patrick’s School Geelong West Refurbishment to increase administration and staff facilities by colonising adjacent space. Construction of new and refurbishment of existing student amenities to comply with National Construction Code. $82,534
    E1168 Our Lady of the Assumption School Cheltenham Request for additional funds for the completion of 2013 SCF project. TBC
    E1238 St Clement of Rome School Bulleen Reconstruction of administration area including multipurpose rooms and associated spaces. $127,178
    E1241 Our Lady of Lourdes School Bayswater Convert multipurpose area to create new entry and administration areas and refurbishment of classroom (two GPLAs). $394,200
    E1159 St Michael’s School Ashburton Reconstruction of four GPLAs and refurbishment of four GPLAs. Demolition of buildings. $758,704
    E1090 St Anthony’s School Alphington Refurbishment and construction of addition to administration area. $35,954

    The following table shows the Relocatable Classroom allocation for the Archdiocese in 2014:


    Location School No. of Classrooms
    Aspendale St Louis De Montfort’s School 5
    Caroline Springs Christ the Priest Catholic Primary School 3
    Crib Point St Joseph’s School 2
    Dandenong St Mary’s School 1
    Deer Park St Peter Chanel School 1
    Derrimut St Lawrence School 2
    Drysdale St Ignatius College Geelong 1
    Gladstone Park School of the Good Shepherd 2
    Healesville St Brigid’s School 2
    Hillside Cana Catholic Primary School 4
    Hoppers Crossing North St James the Apostle School 1
    Kilmore St Patrick’s Primary School 6
    Lalor West St Catherine’s School 2
    Lancefield St Mary’s School 2
    Mooroolbark St Peter Julian Eymard 4
    New Gisborne Holy Cross Primary School 1
    Point Cook Lumen Christi School 11
    Point Cook West Stella Maris Catholic Primary School 2
    Roxburgh Park Good Samaritan Catholic Primary School 14
    Sorrento St Joseph’s School 1
    South Morang Marymede Catholic College 10
    Sydenham Emmaus Catholic Primary School 4
    Tarneit St John the Apostle Catholic Primary School 2
    Whittlesea St Mary’s School 2
      Total: 85

    Moonlight Head

    In 2014 the CEOM continued with development of the property by undertaking the following key activities:

    • Maintenance and improvement of fencing for stock control and maintenance.
    • Improvement of internal farm tracks to improve all-weather access to the property.
    • Ongoing weed and pasture management.
    • Continued refurbishment of the visitor lodges onsite.

    Commencement of master planning process for the long-term development and management of the site.

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