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    Information Technology

    General Overview

    The Catholic Education Office Melbourne (CEOM), through the Information Technology Services (ITS) Unit, assists Catholic schools in the management of email, bandwidth, internet traffic, security and school networks.

    IT Helpdesk

    The IT Helpdesk provides dedicated IT services to schools and CEOM staff from 8.00 am until 5.30 pm. The Helpdesk continued to provide support to schools in 2014.

    Main Activities

    IT Infrastructure

    The ITS business unit continued to provide dedicated IT services to CEOM staff and schools including the operational management and security monitoring of the infrastructure for the Catholic Education Victoria Network (CEVN) website, connecting all schools and Catholic Education Offices; the provision of managed internet from Telstra with failover to AAPT, including filtering using Zscaler; and web-based email services from Editure.

    Managed infrastructure included the CISCO Videoconferencing end points, gateway and virtual meeting room hardware and the hosting systems for the CEVN, CEOM and Catholic Network Australia (CNA) websites, portals and related applications.

    Other hardware included the Sharepoint infrastructure for parts of the Integrated Catholic Online Network (ICON) and ceom@work (intranet) and the dedicated applications for Finance, Payroll and Records Management. Within the CEOM all desktop, laptop and directors’ tablet devices were managed by IT services, along with the fleet of mobile phones, printers and photocopiers.


    The ITS Unit provided oversight and maintenance of the CEVN and CEOM applications including the Catholic Information System (CIS), Online Staffing Records (OSR), the Personnel Record System (PRS) and the Long Service Leave (LSL) calculator and the school Census functions. The Student Attendance system was introduced in 2013 for the first 20 weeks of the year and continued into 2014.

    For many schools, this system harvests student attendance data from their systems and stores the aggregated data centrally. When the data is confirmed by the school it is automatically uploaded to the Australian Government Department of Education (AGDoE) for the My School website in 2015. Schools without compliant Attendance Systems aggregate the data themselves and upload to CEVN for transfer to AGDoE.

    The unit also provided support for the Literacy, Numeracy and Special Learning Needs (LNSLN) funding application system and the School Improvement Planning and Reporting system (SIP).

    The ITS Unit acted as a data custodian for much of the school and corporate data required for regulatory compliance and for strategic planning contained within the CEVN and CEOM applications. This includes systems that monitor usage of the Victorian Student Number (VSN) and Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT) ID.

    Data were provided through various reporting services including some Business Intelligence tools. The ITS Unit also provided project management services to the CEOM and the Catholic Education Commission of Victoria Ltd (CECV), and offers IT advice to schools and other CEOM staff groups.

    Other Initiatives

    • Data Governance Framework
    • flexible workplace agreement
    • the implementation of CLC property management system
    • upgraded bandwidth to 174 schools
    • the implementation of VOIP telephones to CEOM staff, and responsibility for all CEOM fixed-line and mobile telephone services
    • the implementation of a second layer of web filtering
    • the implementation network threat management
    • the consolidation of traffic management via a central appliance
    • the implementation of a production server and storage capacity enhancements.

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    Personal Story


    Molly McQueen
    Year 12 student in 2014
    Avila College, Mount Waverley.
    Profoundly deaf and totally dependent on two cochlear implants to hear, Molly McQueen graduated from Avila College, Mount Waverley, at the end of 2014 with an ATAR of 84.6 and is now studying psychology and forensic science at Swinburne University.

    I think the best thing I can say about my time at Avila College is that they treated me as a normal person and made sure my disability didn’t stop me doing anything that I wanted to do at school. So many activities, like the Year 10 study trip to Italy, will stay with me for a lifetime.

    I always thought it must be pretty expensive to provide for someone like me, but when I stopped to think about everything Avila did it reinforced that I had the best time at high school.

    The personalised support I received was wonderful –from radio frequency microphones that transmitted directly into my ear and specialist computer equipment, to teachers being my ears at swimming carnivals and providing a note taker in Year 12 English.

    And it went well beyond funding. So many teachers were there for me, like Mr Johnson in Year 12 legal studies, who met with me one-on-one every week to make sure I understood everything. I got a study score of 40 and was so glad to be able to repay his commitment.

    I now want to help others and to work in the legal justice system, maybe with victims of crime, and also to mentor people with deafness, because not a lot of deaf students had the same access to funding and the same experience as me.

    I know I wouldn’t be where I am without Avila.

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