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    Personal Story


    Marco DiCesare
    Caroline Chisholm Catholic College, Braybrook.
    Marco was one of the first 25 Catholic school leaders to take up the CEOM Executive MBA that began last year.

    I am passionate about education and about improving culture and systems in order to raise the bar and close the gap for each student.

    As a leader I am consultative and inclusive with an ongoing commitment to faith and professionalism so, when I was offered the opportunity to take up the Executive MBA, I knew that taking time out from an already busy schedule was going to be an ask, but it has certainly proven to be time well spent.

    The experience has already broadened my perspective and I have gained greater insight into strategy, organisational behaviour and leadership. Importantly, it has offered me an alternative view as a principal.

    The fact that it has been undertaken with a group of fellow principals enhances the learning experience by allowing a tight focus on what is relevant to education and allows it to be tailored to our needs. It gives me an opportunity I wouldn’t otherwise have – to meet with other principals on a regular and ongoing basis to share our unique experiences across all of the areas covered.

    I benefit not only from what I am learning on the journey but also from the journey of others in Catholic education. This is especially important given the functional and increasingly strategic understanding we must demonstrate in our management and leadership of Catholic schools.

    In a constantly evolving environment, it is important that we – Catholic educational leaders – continue to push the boundaries of our learning and support each other in striving for innovation and best practice for our sector.

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    Communications and Marketing

    General Overview

    In 2014 the Communications and Marketing Unit provided key support to school leaders with the following materials:

    • weekly email correspondence on operational matters
    • fortnightly e-newsletter from the Executive Director including information on curriculum matters, media articles, Church and Catholic news, and professional learning opportunities for principals and members of school leadership teams
    • quarterly magazine for parents titled Catholic Education Today 
    • special emails for instant notification on urgent matters
    • election materials prior to the State Government election

    Main Activities

    Government Relations

    In the lead up to the 2014 State Election, the Unit also supported the Executive Director’s negotiations with the Victorian Government and opposition parties about funding for Catholic schools. This culminated in two major commitments from both major parties:

    1. The legislation of funding arrangements that link Catholic schools at 25 per cent of the cost of education in government schools.
    2. The introduction of $120 million in capital funding to support the building of new schools in growth areas and major building works in existing schools, over the next four years.

    The Catholic Education Melbourne website and the Catholic Education Victoria Network intranet site further assisted communication between the Office and schools.


    Catholic Education Victorian Network
    CEVN button
    The Catholic Education Victorian Network (CEVN) intranet continued to be the main portal for the exchange of information between the Office and schools. Teacher resources, weekly operational correspondence, policies, financial worksheets, emergency management and over 400 professional learning activities, along with the submission of accountability data, provide essential information for school personnel and school operations. All employees within the Victorian Catholic education sector are able to access their personal service records within the CEVN site. 

    Catholic Education Websites 
    CEOM button
    Catholic education in the Archdiocese of Melbourne is promoted to the community by the website you are currently visiting. Content is constantly updated and refreshed, along with the addition of new resources and initiatives, links, and fortnightly updates to CEOM Office services. In 2014 weekly news stories focused on achievements, awards, and stories from our school community. The number of subscribers to the Positions Vacant alert, available via the Find a Job section, continued to grow.


    Top hits on the Catholic Education Melbourne website by section. 

    In 2014 the Publications Team delivered daily updates to two public websites for the CEOM and on behalf of the Catholic Education Commission of Victoria Ltd (CECV), as well as to the CEVN intranet and the CEOM internal staff web portal ceom@work.

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    Email Correspondence


    Numbers of emails sent from the Executive Director of
    Catholic Education in 2014.

    Catholic Online Mail for Schools 

    The Catholic Online Mail for Schools (COMS),  a weekly email to school principals on a range of operational and curriculum matters linked to correspondence on the CEVN intranet, was sent out each week of the school term in 2014. As required, extraordinary or urgent emails were distributed to schools as special messages.

    Director’s eNews 

    Director’s eNews, a fortnightly online newsletter, continued to be an important communication tool where the Executive Director could alert principals to:

    • coming events in the Catholic community
    • major educational policy directions
    • stories on best practice in schools across the Archdiocese of Melbourne
    • a summary of recent media reports on educational matters
    • opportunities for professional learning
    • a lead article in each edition on Catholic identity.

    Director’s eNews was also emailed to parish priests, leaders of religious congregations and CEOM staff each fortnight.


    CET_thumb_Term1-2015An assortment of publications were produced in 2014, including: brochures, invitations, reports, statistical bulletins, flyers, Mass booklets, Catholic Education Week promotions, and catechists’ student and teacher booklets. Four editions of Catholic Education Today were distributed to families via their child’s school with stories including highlights of Catholic Education Week, music as a powerful educational tool, launch of the Daniel Morcombe Child Safety curriculum, benefits from regular daily school attendance, celebrating the Time to Shine gala, and the connection between wellbeing, school engagement and learning.

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