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    Personal Story


    Marco DiCesare
    Caroline Chisholm Catholic College, Braybrook.
    Marco was one of the first 25 Catholic school leaders to take up the CEOM Executive MBA that began last year.

    I am passionate about education and about improving culture and systems in order to raise the bar and close the gap for each student.

    As a leader I am consultative and inclusive with an ongoing commitment to faith and professionalism so, when I was offered the opportunity to take up the Executive MBA, I knew that taking time out from an already busy schedule was going to be an ask, but it has certainly proven to be time well spent.

    The experience has already broadened my perspective and I have gained greater insight into strategy, organisational behaviour and leadership. Importantly, it has offered me an alternative view as a principal.

    The fact that it has been undertaken with a group of fellow principals enhances the learning experience by allowing a tight focus on what is relevant to education and allows it to be tailored to our needs. It gives me an opportunity I wouldn’t otherwise have – to meet with other principals on a regular and ongoing basis to share our unique experiences across all of the areas covered.

    I benefit not only from what I am learning on the journey but also from the journey of others in Catholic education. This is especially important given the functional and increasingly strategic understanding we must demonstrate in our management and leadership of Catholic schools.

    In a constantly evolving environment, it is important that we – Catholic educational leaders – continue to push the boundaries of our learning and support each other in striving for innovation and best practice for our sector.

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    Integrated Catholic Online Network

    General Overview

    As a statewide project, the Catholic Education Commission of Victoria Ltd (CECV) Integrated Catholic Online Network (ICON) is underpinned by the commitment, as educators in Catholic schools and diocesan offices, to ensuring that every child and young person in Victorian Catholic schools has access to the same educational opportunities and resources.

    The project will build capacity across all Victorian Catholic schools and diocesan offices to support and enable students, teachers, school leaders and parents to work together to improve student learning.

    For the first time, every Catholic school in Victoria, regardless of size or resources, will have equal access to a package of learning, teaching, collaboration, administration, planning and reporting technologies.

    Main Activities


    The ICON team worked with specialist suppliers Synergetic and Technology One to design, build and test eSIS, eHR and eFIN.

    A group of school-based experts worked at the CEOM office two days a week to provide input and advice on school policies and processes during the design , build and testing of eSIS, eHR and eFIN. Their participation was critical in designing eAdmin.

    Four schools were selected to be part of the eAdmin pilot and work commenced preparing these schools for the rollout of eAdmin.     


    The CECV ICON Working Group endorsed the adoption of a single instance of Google Apps for Education (GAFE) managed by each school through ICON, which will provide greater flexibility for schools and support new communities of practice. The ICON Project Team commenced work on scoping the technical requirements to support this approach.

    With the input of the ICON Learning Expert Group (ILEG) – an advisory group made up of school leaders, teachers and diocesan staff – an eLearn Position Paper was developed, which identified the key strategies in addition to GAFE and ePlan (see below) that will be needed to ensure that the eLearn component of the ICON project can support and enhance the learning and teaching cycle.


    An agreement with the Brisbane Catholic Education Office (BCE) for the use of their Business Intelligence Reporting (BIR) tool within ePlan was progressed, as was functional and technical analysis to ensure that ePlan would deliver high-quality student and school analytics to Victorian Catholic schools. Future enhancements of the BIR will be jointly planned between the CECV and BCE, leveraging the expertise residing in both systems. These enhancements will be driven by school needs, which will be ascertained by a team of school-based subject matter experts.


    The ICON team worked with specialist supplier Infosys to build the development, testing and Data migration environments for ICON.

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    Other Initiatives

    A detailed schedule of communications activities was developed and implemented to ensure schools and CEO staff are informed on the progress of ICON.