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  • Action Area 5 – Finance and Resources


    Analysis, Policy and Research

    The Analysis, Policy and Research Unit provides a range of services that support the Catholic Education Office Melbourne’s (CEOM) strategic management process, including corporate planning, data analysis and research to assist CEOM and school improvement strategies. The Unit conducts the CEOM’s policy development and review, reports to government on the minimum standards for school compliance and registration, and coordinates CEOM’s risk management and business continuity policy and activities.

    The Analysis, Policy and Research Unit’s services include:

    • CEOM corporate planning and strategy
    • analysis and reporting of data and information
    • research and evaluation
    • CEOM policy governance
    • school compliance and registration
    • risk management
    • business continuity management
    • Copyright licensing advice.

    Analysis and reporting

    In 2013 the Analysis, Policy and Research Unit analysed and reported data and information collected by the CEOM and the Catholic Education Commission of Victoria Ltd (CECV) to support organisational planning and improvement efforts, and inform system wide policy development and review.

    Research and evaluation

    The Unit conducted research and evaluation to provide new insights, define or clarify direction, and provide evidence for what works.

    Copyright licensing advice

    The Analysis, Policy and Research Unit provided advice to schools on copyright issues and managed a number of agreements with several copyright agencies. Schools are invoiced annually for fees owing under these agreements.


    Personal Story 

    Action Area 5 

    Tony Hirst
    Emmaus College, Vermont South

    In 2013 Emmaus College won the Building Designers Association of Victoria Award for Best Conversion of a Public Building for the total refit of our school’s 22-year-old school hall into the Bill Holligan Performing Arts Centre, a modern 300-seat auditorium with a performance area, drama and dance room, and gallery.

    Renovations were done in tandem with other significant building works to effectively create a completely new look and structure. We had a strict and limited budget to accommodate a range of ambitious improvements to the existing building, so planning was critical to make the best use of funds. We enjoyed terrific support from the Catholic Education Office Melbourne, the Archbishop’s Planning Building and Finance Committee, and the Catholic Development Fund. Credit goes to the architects and builders (EM Building and Design, and ADCO Constructions) for their innovative and high quality results with a very strict budget.

    It is hard to believe the construction took just five months from start to finish, with minimal disruption to our classes, despite the site being right in the middle of the school grounds. The judges described the end result as being ‘dramatically different, innovative and modern’. Considering the cost and amount of work that goes into renovating an older building, especially of this size, most people can’t believe what we achieved for little more than $2 million, on time and on budget.

    The entire school community has benefited from this fabulous new Performing Arts Centre. The conversion has realised a dream for the school because although we’ve always had an excellent reputation for our performing arts program, we’ve never had a dedicated space to showcase the talents of our students. The facility is now the proud centrepiece of our school community.