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  • Action Area 3 – Leadership


    Communications and Marketing

    The work of the Catholic Education Office Melbourne’s (CEOM) Communications and Marketing Unit in 2013 provided key support to school leaders, including the following materials:

    • weekly correspondence on operational matters
    • fortnightly e-newsletter from the Executive Director on curriculum matters, media articles, Church and Catholic news and professional learning opportunities for principals and members of school leadership teams
    • quarterly magazine for parents titled Catholic Education Today.

    The CEOM lead the national Catholic education communications campaigns on school funding and the federal election. This involved coordinating regular meetings and developing nationally consistent materials which supported Catholic education’s position with politicians and key education stakeholders in 2013. Schools were also informed about the impact of the Review of Funding for Schooling (Gonski Review) on Catholic schools funding through regular email updates.

    The CEOM and the Catholic Education Victoria Network websites, and online submission of data and forms further facilitated communication between the Office and schools.


    CEVN thumbCatholic Education Victorian Network

    The Catholic Education Victorian Network (CEVN) intranet continued to be a portal in the exchange of information between the Office and schools. Teacher resources, correspondence, policies, financial worksheets, over 400 professional learning activities, along with data submissions and the provision of service records for all employees in the Catholic sector in Victoria provided essential information for school personnel and school operations.

    CEOM website thumbCatholic Education Website

    Catholic education in the Archdiocese of Melbourne is promoted to the community by the website you are currently visiting. Content is constantly reviewed and refreshed along with the addition of new resources and initiatives, links, and updates to CEOM Offices Services. In 2013 weekly news stories focused on achievements, awards, and stories from our school community, and there was steady growth in the number of subscribers to the Positions Vacant alert, available in the Find a Job section.

    In 2013 the Publications Team continued daily updates to two public websites for the CEOM and on behalf of the Catholic Education Commission of Victoria Ltd (CECV), as well as the CEVN intranet and an internal staff web portal.

    Email Correspondence

    COMS thumbCatholic Online Mail for Schools

    Catholic Online Mail for Schools (COMS) comprises weekly emails to school principals on a range of operational and curriculum matters linked to items of correspondence on the CEVN intranet. As required, extraordinary or urgent emails are distributed to schools as special messages.

    Directors eNews thumbDirector’s eNews

    Director’s eNews, a fortnightly newsletter, continued to be an important communication tool where the Executive Director alerts principals to:


    Personal Story 

    Action Area 3 

    Tony McMahon
    St Joan of Arc School, Brighton

    In my 25-plus years involved in education, I’ve seen some terrific role models in leadership. I’ve been a principal now for 13 years, the last four at St Joan of Arc School and for nine years before that at St Joseph’s School, Malvern. At both schools, I’ve put a lot of effort into working with the school community to build a strong and vibrant culture – because as far as I’m concerned, that relationship is fundamental to creating a high performing school.

    I was fortunate in my first year at St Joan of Arc that we were involved in a School Review under the direction of the CEOM. The process really helped our school community develop a shared vision and strategic directions through the School Improvement Plan.

    Principals are vital in developing a climate that supports high-quality learning and teaching. For me, that means inspiring and enabling leadership at all levels of my organisation, and encouraging staff to support their colleagues too by helping each other reflect on and improve their practice – which translates into better student learning. Above all, I endeavour to create a culture of learners – where we all learn together and are proactive in our efforts to keep learning.

    We have a big leadership team at my school, so I prefer a collaborative model of leadership that invites everyone to share and invest in the school’s vision and work cooperatively to turn that vision into reality.

    • coming events in the Catholic community
    • major educational policy directions
    • stories on best practice in schools across the Archdiocese of Melbourne
    • a summary of recent media reports on educational matters
    • opportunities for professional learning
    • a lead article in each edition on Catholic identity.

    Director’s enews was also delivered to parish priests, leaders of religious congregations and CEOM staff each fortnight.


    An assortment of publications were produced in 2013, including: brochures, invitations, reports, statistical bulletins, flyers, funding facts sheets, Catholic Education Week promotions, and catechists’ student and teacher booklets. Four editions of Catholic Education Today were distributed to families via their child’s school with stories from raising resilient children, parenting strategies for raising girls and boys, tips for parent–teacher interviews, to ideas for celebrating and sharing the significant occasions in the Church year of Easter and Christmas.

    Funding and Public Affairs

    For the CEOM Public Affairs Unit, much of 2013 was devoted to providing support to the Executive Director during negotiations on the school funding deal with the Australian Government. In addition to providing analysis on financial modelling, schools and school communities were provided with email updates on these developments throughout the year, highlighting the progress on the funding deal. Schools engaged in a successful letter writing campaign to their local members of parliament on the issue of school funding.

    The Public Affairs Unit was involved in the very important work of preparing the CECV’s responses to requests for information from the Victorian Parliamentary Inquiry into the Handling of Child Abuse by Religious and Other Organisations, where the Executive Director gave evidence at public hearings on 3 May 2013.

    Marketing – focus on new school support

    In 2013 the CEOM’s Marketing team began working with three new schools expected to open in 2015 – St John the Apostle Catholic Primary School in Tarneit West, St Clare’s Catholic Primary School in Truganina and St Paul the Apostle Catholic Primary School in Doreen.

    Other initiatives

    • Catholic Education Week
    • Media support for schools
    • Parish Priest and Principal Briefings

    Catholic Education Week
    Students from Catholic schools perform at the St Patrick’s Day Concert in the Park 

    Professional Learning

    Courses and Institutions Participants
    Managing Critical Media Incidents with Medialink Productions 8