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  • Action Area 3 – Leadership



    Change2 ICON (Integrated Catholic Online Network), a strategic initiative of the Catholic Education Commission of Victoria Ltd (CECV) in partnership with Dame Professor Pat Collarbone of Creating Tomorrow Ltd, aims to support the strategic leadership of principals and school leadership teams in establishing a customised school-designed pathway to support ICON implementation.

    Change2 is a robust, consultative and proven model for leading and implementing sustainable change in schools and has the potential to:

    • transform learning and teaching approaches in a contemporary context
    • build a school’s capacity for strategic planning for school improvement
    • strengthen the professional learning culture
    • build the leadership capacity of middle leaders.

    The CECV ICON Working Group has recommended Change2 as a prerequisite for ICON rollout in schools. Change² continued to be successfully rolled out to Catholic schools across Victoria, involving 138 Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Melbourne by the end of 2013.

    Change2 ICON Principals Briefings

    Four separate Catholic Education Office Melbourne (CEOM) Change2 ICON Briefings attended by over 400 principals and school leaders were held in 2013. The Briefings provided participants with general information relating to the Change2 program and its implementation in Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Melbourne.

    Dame Professor Pat Collarbone and Simon Edkins were present during the March 2013 Change2 ICON Briefing and presented as keynote speakers to an audience of 200 principals and school leaders.

    Dame Professor Pat Collarbone
    Dame Professor Pat Collarbone at the Change2 ICON Briefing 

    Training of Change2 Facilitators

    The Change2 program is designed to develop capacity within the CEOM so that every school has the skills and knowledge to tackle change now and in the future. It is made up of three parts: Change2 (the process), Capacity2 (Facilitator Training) and System2 (Master Facilitator Training).

    In 2013, 22 Facilitators advanced to the level of Master Facilitators, while 12 Region-Based Change2 Facilitator Training programs were scheduled in March, August and December which led to an additional 46 CEOM personnel and 82 school-based personnel trained as Facilitators. Twenty-one of the school-based Facilitators led the process in a school other than their own.


    Personal Story 

    Action Area 3 

    Tony McMahon
    St Joan of Arc School, Brighton

    In my 25-plus years involved in education, I’ve seen some terrific role models in leadership. I’ve been a principal now for 13 years, the last four at St Joan of Arc School and for nine years before that at St Joseph’s School, Malvern. At both schools, I’ve put a lot of effort into working with the school community to build a strong and vibrant culture – because as far as I’m concerned, that relationship is fundamental to creating a high performing school.

    I was fortunate in my first year at St Joan of Arc that we were involved in a School Review under the direction of the CEOM. The process really helped our school community develop a shared vision and strategic directions through the School Improvement Plan.

    Principals are vital in developing a climate that supports high-quality learning and teaching. For me, that means inspiring and enabling leadership at all levels of my organisation, and encouraging staff to support their colleagues too by helping each other reflect on and improve their practice – which translates into better student learning. Above all, I endeavour to create a culture of learners – where we all learn together and are proactive in our efforts to keep learning.

    We have a big leadership team at my school, so I prefer a collaborative model of leadership that invites everyone to share and invest in the school’s vision and work cooperatively to turn that vision into reality.

     Change2 Facilitator Type in the CEOM  Archdiocesan schools with at least
    one trained Change2 Facilitator 
     Change 2 Facilitator graph   

    Change2 Schools with Facilitators graph 

    In total, 80 schools (approximately 25 per cent) had at least one trained Change2 Facilitator in 2013. 


    Change2 Rollout to Archdiocesan schools

    The Change2 process involves a series of workshops that take a school through the complete change cycle: from identifying areas for improvement and determining strategy, to implementing the change and realising the benefits.

    By the end of 2013, 138 or 42 per cent of the total number of schools in the Archdiocese of Melbourne completed Change2 ICON with 99 schools having completed the process in 2013 alone. CEOM Regional Managers have been involved in designing Change2 ICON rollout plans in each region.

    Change2 ICON rollout to schools 2011–15

    Change2 Rollout graph 

    CEOM Learning and Teaching Networks 2013

    The Regional Learning and Teaching Networks in 2013 engaged primary and P–12 schools across the Archdiocese of Melbourne in four days of rigorous professional development on the personalisation of learning.

    Principals and Learning and Teaching Leaders undertook an evidence-based inquiry project around the question: how does my leadership enable the personalisation of learning to ensure high impact on student outcomes? The objectives of the networks in 2013 were to improve each student’s learning outcomes by building the capacity of school leaders to embed effective strategies to personalise learning and improve engagement.

    Sacred Heart Preston Change2 team
    The Change² Team at Sacred Heart School, Preston 

    Schools Improving Schools Trial

    Schools were invited to participate in the Schools Improving Schools trial to test the impact of clustering on improvement on student performance. The Change2 process was utilised as a tried and tested way of working collaboratively and collegially to maximise the chances of successful innovation.

    In Term 4, 2013 the clusters came together to share at a systems level their detailed solutions and implementation plans. Each cluster had identified measurable outcomes and data which provides evidence of their success as an outcome of a 12-month implementation plan.

    Other initiatives

    • Change2 Facilitator Training has been accredited by the Australian Catholic University (ACU) towards a Master of Educational Leadership and Master of Education