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  • Action Area 3 – Leadership


    Integrated Catholic Online Network – ICON

    The Integrated Catholic Online Network (ICON) initiative is a collaborative program of the Catholic Education Commission of Victoria Ltd (CECV) involving Victorian Catholic schools and the four Victorian Catholic Education Offices in the Archdiocese of Melbourne and the Dioceses of Ballarat, Sale and Sandhurst. ICON aims to support the systemic improvement of all Victorian Catholic schools.

    ICON will support enhanced student learning and enable school administrative processes to be more efficient and effective by providing a technology platform and support to enable school leaders, teachers and staff to collaborate and bring about new ways of working that optimise student learning outcomes, and optimise school administration.


    The Catholic Education Office Melbourne (CEOM) worked with Catholic schools from across Victoria to finalise requirements for school administration, and tendered globally for suppliers to provide software to meet those requirements. The CEOM worked with schools-based experts to provide recommendations to the CECV ICON Working Group on which solutions met the future needs of schools, which led to the selection of administration software packages (eAdmin).


    The CEOM worked with schools to further refine requirements for learning solutions that will enable schools to use data and evidence of learning to personalise learning; enable collaboration of students and teachers across Victorian Catholic education and beyond; and enable parents to have timely access to information about each of their children. Google Apps for Education was selected to enable collaboration.

    ICON Readiness

    In preparing schools for ICON the CEOM:

    • supported teachers in the use of Web2.0 with online training and support
    • conducted ICON briefings for principal and other regional networks
    • worked with ICON Coaches to develop strategies for a school-based support program
    • developed and published resources to support schools in the areas of ICON Readiness, e.g. multimedia resources, workshops and user guides
    • supported principals in the use of videoconferencing to encourage communication and collaboration.

    Other Initiatives

    • Facilitated the ICON Enterprise Administration Expert Group
    • Facilitated the ICON Enterprise Learning Expert Group
    • Developed the structure for the Web 2.0 online course
    • Developed the ICON Readiness modules for the use of ICON Coaches and key leaders in schools
    • Facilitated the ICON Coach program for school-based support
    • Facilitated the Contemporary Learning Research Project
    • Provided support for the School Improvement Planning project
    • Developed multimedia resources to support schools

    Personal Story 

    Action Area 3 

    Tony McMahon
    St Joan of Arc School, Brighton

    In my 25-plus years involved in education, I’ve seen some terrific role models in leadership. I’ve been a principal now for 13 years, the last four at St Joan of Arc School and for nine years before that at St Joseph’s School, Malvern. At both schools, I’ve put a lot of effort into working with the school community to build a strong and vibrant culture – because as far as I’m concerned, that relationship is fundamental to creating a high performing school.

    I was fortunate in my first year at St Joan of Arc that we were involved in a School Review under the direction of the CEOM. The process really helped our school community develop a shared vision and strategic directions through the School Improvement Plan.

    Principals are vital in developing a climate that supports high-quality learning and teaching. For me, that means inspiring and enabling leadership at all levels of my organisation, and encouraging staff to support their colleagues too by helping each other reflect on and improve their practice – which translates into better student learning. Above all, I endeavour to create a culture of learners – where we all learn together and are proactive in our efforts to keep learning.

    We have a big leadership team at my school, so I prefer a collaborative model of leadership that invites everyone to share and invest in the school’s vision and work cooperatively to turn that vision into reality.