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  • Action Area 2 – Learning and Teaching


    Professional Learning

    The Catholic Education Office Melbourne (CEOM) recognises that continuing professional learning is an essential component of school improvement and staff development. In particular, Professional Learning is a major contributing factor towards improvement in student learning outcomes. In 2013 the CEOM offered 405 activities to school staff via the Integrated Professional Learning System (IPLS), with a total of 6,529 unique participants.

    At the 2013 annual planning cycle of CEOM Professional Learning, Office staff from a variety of Staff Groups engaged in rich professional dialogue focused on enhancing their understanding of best practice adult learning at the Catholic Leadership Centre (CLC). Through a series of workshops, utilising external education and technology experts, convenors investigated ways that the highly technical and collaborative spaces within the CLC could be used to enhance their existing activities. This allowed them to enter into more practical and meaningful conversations about the role that technology, the CLC and the Integrated Catholic Online Network (ICON) play in the development and implementation of their activities.

    P–12 Principal Induction Program

    I have found this program to be invaluable and something I really looked forward to. (Induction Program participant)

    The CEOM’s P–12 Principal Induction Program is designed to meet the needs of newly appointed principals in the Catholic sector in the Archdiocese of Melbourne. It aims to provide principals with the skills, knowledge, understandings and support which will enable them to collaboratively lead  a community which focuses on improving student outcomes in the context of the Catholic school.

    This group has enabled me to learn from others, affirm what I am doing and inspire me to keep going. (Induction Program participant)

    Graduate Teachers

    The 2013 Graduate Teacher Welcome Function was held on 30 April with 135 Graduate Teachers from Archdiocesan primary and secondary schools in attendance. The event addressed key systemic requirements and the educational ministry of the Graduates was affirmed with the celebration of the Eucharist; a welcome reception followed.

    Graduate Teacher Welcome Function
    The Archbishop celebrates Mass with graduate teachers 


    Personal Story 

    Action Area 2 

    Daniel Buttacavoli
    Curriculum Coordinator
    Emmanuel College, Point Cook

    The work of the teachers at Emmanuel College is driven by the College motto, taken from John’s Gospel, to live ‘life to the full’. We use it to guide us in our mission to develop our students as a whole individual – academically, socially and spiritually. We are continuously challenged to create and deliver learning opportunities that connect students to their experiences of the world.

    To achieve this goal in 2013, the College began transforming its junior school curriculum. We did this through a staged roll-out of Project Based Learning (PBL) as the key mode of teaching and learning across Years 7, 8 and 9. Using PBL, we can challenge our students with real world issues and problems that really engage them because the topic matter is relevant and meaningful to their lives.

    I represented the College at PBL conferences in New Orleans, Detroit and Dallas to learn more about PBL best practice and innovation – and observed how other schools in Sydney, California and Texas were delivering the program.

    These opportunities provided fantastic learning experiences that I could share with the College staff to benefit our learning and teaching approaches, and at a personal level I was very excited about the potential for PBL to benefit the students in my classroom.

    Pre-service Teachers

    The Bachelor of Education Multi-Modal Project is being implemented over a four-year period in a tri-level partnership arrangement between the Australian Catholic University (ACU), the CEOM and invited Catholic schools. It aims to strengthen the foundation for a strong teaching profession through the provision of a high quality and innovative pre-service education model. In 2013 the two cohorts of participating Pre-Service Teachers entered the second or third year of the course, making a total of 31 continuing their teacher education within this Multi-Modal model.

    Australian Government Teacher Quality Program

    In 2013 (the final year in the 2011–2013 Australian Government funding arrangement) a total of 26 projects were funded through the Australian Government Teacher Quality Teacher Program (AGQTP) across Victoria. Collectively these projects involved 2,120 teachers from 320 schools.

    The final report notes the significant impact this program has had on the capacity to deliver a range of initiatives that otherwise would not have been possible, and to develop sustainable and ongoing initiatives in each education sector. For Catholic education this has been a significant achievement.

    Other initiatives

    • Emerging Leaders Program
    • Working Party on Negotiated Reviews
    • Upgrade of features on IPLS for schools
    • Principal Coaching
    • Primary Principal Professional Learning Program
    • Primary Principal Appraisal
    • re:th!nk Aspiring to Principalship
    • Sponsored Study Support in Educational Leadership

    Professional Learning Activities in 2013

    Professional Learning Category Number Professional Learning Activities
    Catechist 14
    Early Literacy Intervention 1
    eLearning 12
    Finance and Administration 52
    Gifted Education 2
    Integrated Catholic Online Network (ICON) 6
    Inclusive Schooling 2
    Information Technology Services 4
    Industrial Relations (IR) and Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) 22
    Leadership 19
    Literacy 55
    LOTE 12
    Mathematics 23
    Media and Communications 1
    New Arrivals – ESL/EAL 24
    Pathways and Transitions 12
    Professional Learning 5
    Religious Education 24
    School Boards 4
    School Improvement 24
    Science 8
    Student Services 47
    Learning and Teaching 13
    Wellbeing and Community Partnerships 19
    Total 405

    Sponsored Studies Supported in 2013

    Activity Name Course Primary Secondary Total
    English as an Additional Language – (EAL/ESLA) Professional Certificate in TESOL – ESL In the Primary Curriculum 18 1 19
    Literacy Intervention
    Oral Language: the primary years – credit to Postgraduate Certificate 14 2 16
    Postgraduate Certificate in Early Literacy Intervention 22   22
    Maths Education
    E700 Master of Education 1 2 3
    Graduate Certificate in Mathematics   1 1
    Master of Education (Mathematics) 7 1 8
    Master of Education 1 1 2
    Pathways and Transitions (CECV) Master of Education Policy (International)   7 7
    Religious Education Accreditation Studies
    Graduate Certificate in Catholic Studies 52 14 66
    Graduate Certificate in Teaching Religious Education 10 8 18
    Graduate Certificate of Religious Education 8 2 10
    Graduate Certificate in Teaching Religious Education (CTC) 15 19 34
    Further Studies in Religious Education / Theology
    Bachelor of Theology 3   3
    Graduate Certificate in Guiding Meditation 1 2 3
    Graduate Diploma Theology   1 1
    Master of Arts   1 1
    Master of Religious Education 4 2 6
    Master of Sacred Theology   1 1
    Master of Theological Studies 1 3 4
    Master of Theology (ACU) 1   1
    Master of Theology (CTC) 1   1
    Master of Theology (UFT)   1 1
    Master of Theology (YTU)   1 1
    Student Wellbeing (CECV) Master of Education (Student Wellbeing) 15 31 46
    Wellbeing in Inclusive Schooling
    Master of Education (Wellbeing in Inclusive Schooling) 9 3 12
    Postgraduate Certificate in Education (Wellbeing in Inclusive Schooling) 2   2
    School Leadership (Numeracy)
    Master in School Leadership (Numeracy) with RPL 17 8 25
    Master in School Leadership (Numeracy) without RPL 19 6 25
    Total   221 118 339