• Publications 2012 Annual Report
  • Action Area 5 – Finance and Resources


    • Secure equitable and sustainable funding.

    • Ensure effective stewardship of resources.

    • Develop, implement and maintain support and enabling systems.

    • Provide accessible, affordable Catholic schools for all Catholic families.

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    The Catholic Education Office Melbourne (CEOM) aims to provide a place in a Catholic school for every Catholic student in the Archdiocese whose parents so choose. This requires long-term strategic planning for the establishment of new schools as well as monitoring the viability of existing schools.

    Planning Provision

    The CEOM provides advice on sustainability, demographics and planning for Catholic schools.

    Enrolment Growth

    In 2012, there were 197,864 students enrolled in the Catholic school system across Victoria – an increase of 1.9% from the previous year. Both the primary and secondary sectors experienced growth over this period and represent historical highs for total Catholic school enrolments. In the Archdiocese of Melbourne, more than 146,379 students were enrolled at a Catholic school in 2012. These enrolments represent a sector share of 22.4% of primary enrolments in Victoria, and 23.4% of secondary enrolments, an increase for both. The total increase in enrolments constituted over 37% of new enrolments in all Victorian schools in 2012. On average from 2010 to 2012, Catholic schools have enrolled 51% of all new enrolments in Victorian schools.

    Enrolment Forecast

    The school-age population for Victoria is forecast to grow considerably over the 10-year period 2012–2022. This significant growth will have a positive flow-on effect on enrolments across Catholic schools. In 2012 the CEOM updated the current series of enrolment forecasts (June 2012) for individual schools, which can be accessed through Planning Profiles on the CEVN website. Continued growth is estimated at both the primary and secondary levels over the forecast period to 2022. Estimates suggest an increase of about 25% in primary enrolments, which equates to over 132,000 students in Victoria by 2022. For secondary schools, numbers are anticipated to grow by about 15%, which would take enrolments to over 105,000 by 2022. Similar rates of growth for primary and secondary levels are forecast for the Archdiocese of Melbourne. Should these be maintained, the Archdiocese is likely to grow to more than 99,000 in primary enrolments, while secondary enrolments are estimated to increase to more than 78,000.


    Personal Story 

    Emmanuel Jakwot 

    Emmanuel Jakwot
    Year 12 Student
    St John's Regional College, Dandenong

    I came to Melbourne from Sudan as a 10-year-old not knowing much about Australia, its people, its culture or its sports. I have been at St John’s for the past six years and it has been a massive journey.

    St John’s has given me so much – encouragement from the teachers and peer support from the other students. The school has given me life skills that will help me long after I have finished my VCE and left the school. It’s been a great experience because the environment here is so different to Sudan.

    The education and the faith the school provides has helped me to grow as a person and has assisted my learning across a range of areas. Everyone has ups and downs and makes mistakes. The way to move forward is to learn from your mistakes.

    I had a sports teacher in Year 9 who was keen to get me to play Aussie Rules. I was playing basketball and soccer at the time and he kept urging me to take on the local sport. He said many good basketballers go on to be successful football players. It’s true to say I fell in love with footy and haven’t looked back. I’m training with the Southern Stingrays and wouldn’t mind a professional career in football. I’m doing my VCE and I would like a good result and a good career. I still haven’t decided what I want to do but we are constantly told that young people today will have numerous jobs over their lifetime.

    Strategic Planning

    A significant amount of work was undertaken in 2012 to lay the foundation for an Archdiocesan-wide study in 2013, based on the latest Australian Bureau of Statistics census data of 2011. Extensive background work was undertaken in 2012 to facilitate the study, including the tendering of the project and an update of the actual enrolment capacity of each school within the Archdiocese of Melbourne. Strategic reports on future Catholic school provision demand were prepared for the areas of Epping–Plenty, and the inner west and north west regions. The reports will be circulated for final comment to the respective stakeholders prior to their authorisation. Numerous Precinct Structure Plans were instigated in 2012 by the Growth Areas Authority requiring input from the CEOM to secure sites for future Catholic schools.

    New Schools and Closures

    One primary school opened in the Archdiocese in 2012 – St Francis of Assisi, located in Tarneit in the Hoppers Crossing North Parish, with an enrolment of 180. One special school was opened – St Joseph’s Flexible Learning Centre, located in North Melbourne. There was one school closure – Our Lady of Victories School, located in Camberwell. Through the assistance of the school and the CEOM Implementation Committee all 39 students found placements in neighbouring schools for their future Catholic education. The school made significant contributions to Catholic education in Camberwell for which many families and former students are grateful.

     St Francis of Assisi 
    St Francis of Assisi School, Tarneit 

    Planning Profiles Website

    The CEOM launched its new Planning Profiles on an internet platform which uses new interactive maps and other tools to present demographic profiles of schools and parishes. The new website, called PlaceMaker, opened in July 2012. It allows users to browse maps and aerial photos in a dynamic and intuitive fashion, zooming in on schools to display enrolment data, forecasts, student locations and socioeconomic profiles. It will is be a valuable asset for strategic planning and analysis.

    Community Planning for Catholic Schools Pilot Project

    Three parishes that will open new Catholic schools in 2015 agreed to participate in the pilot project to use the Community Planning for Catholic Schools Framework. These were developed by the CEOM's Planning Unit over the previous two years working collaboratively with new school principals and CEOM staff. A series of workshops were conducted to support the local steering committees develop the educational brief document that will become the foundation for planning the new school. The process had a focus on the new community and its relationship to the school and its learning program.

    Sustainability and ESD Committee

    The Environmentally Sustainable Development (ESD) Committee met throughout the year, and completed a number of important projects, including the development of a draft Sustainability Framework for consultation in 2013, conducting regional forums, and supporting the Victorian Sustainability Awards. The latter was held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre in November. Several Catholic schools were nominated in these awards, and St Macartan’s School in Mornington won the Energy-wise primary school of the year category. St Macartan’s was also nominated and selected as a finalist for the Sustainable School of the Year.