• Publications 2012 Annual Report
  • Action Area 5 – Finance and Resources


    • Secure equitable and sustainable funding.

    • Ensure effective stewardship of resources.

    • Develop, implement and maintain support and enabling systems.

    • Provide accessible, affordable Catholic schools for all Catholic families.

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    Information and Communication Technology is a highly valued and greatly used contemporary learning tool. The improvement in the bandwidth and speed of internet service means that students and teachers in Catholic schools, no matter what the size or location of their school, can easily access information from throughout the world and have boundless opportunities to explore outside the classroom.

    Information Technology Services (ITS)

    The Catholic Education Office Melbourne (CEOM), through the Information Technology Services (ITS) Unit, assists Catholic schools in the management of email, bandwidth, internet traffic, security and school networks.

    IT Helpdesk

    The IT Helpdesk provides dedicated IT services to schools and CEOM staff from 8 am until 5 pm. The Helpdesk continued to provide support to schools in 2012.

    IT Infrastructure

    The ITS business unit continued to provide dedicated IT services to CEOM staff and schools including the operational management and security monitoring of the infrastructure for the Catholic Education Victoria Network (CEVN) website connecting all schools and Catholic education Offices; the provision of managed internet from Telstra, including filtering using Zscaler; and web-based email services from Editure.

    Managed infrastructure included the CISCO Videoconferencing end points, gateway and virtual meeting room hardware and the hosting systems for the CEVN, CEOM and Catholic Network Australia (CNA) websites, portals and related applications.

    Other hardware included the Sharepoint infrastructure for parts of the Integrated Catholic Online Network (ICON) and ceom@work (intranet) and the dedicated applications for Finance, Payroll and Records Management. Within the CEOM all the desktop, laptop and directors’ tablet devices were managed by ITS services, along with the fleet of mobile phones, printers and photocopiers.


    The ITS Unit provided oversight and maintenance of the CEVN and CEOM applications including the Catholic Information System (CIS), Online Staffing Records (OSR), the Personnel Record System (PRS) and the Long Service Leave (LSL) calculator and the school Census functions.

    The ICON applications are the Literacy, Numeracy and Special Learning Needs (LNSLN) funding application system and the School Improvement Planning and Reporting system (SIP). The ITS Unit also acted as a Data Custodian for much of the school and corporate data required for regulatory compliance and for strategic planning and is contained within the CEVN and CEOM applications.

    Data was provided through various reporting services including some Business Intelligence tools. The ITS Unit also provided project management services to the CECV and the CEOM and offers IT advice to schools and other CEOM Staff Groups.

    Other Initiatives

    • Student Attendance Reporting (SAR)
    • WAN management.

    Personal Story 

    Emmanuel Jakwot 

    Emmanuel Jakwot
    Year 12 Student
    St John's Regional College, Dandenong

    I came to Melbourne from Sudan as a 10 year-old not knowing much about Australia, its people, its culture or its sports. I have been at St John’s for the past six years and it has been a massive journey.

    St John’s has given me so much – encouragement from the teachers and peer support from the other students. The school has given me life skills that will help me long after I have finished my VCE and left the school. It’s been a great experience because the environment here is so different to Sudan.

    The education and the faith the school provides has helped me to grow as a person and has assisted my learning across a range of areas. Everyone has ups and downs and makes mistakes. The way to move forward is to learn from your mistakes.

    I had a sports teacher in Year 9 who was keen to get me to play Aussie Rules. I was playing basketball and soccer at the time and he kept urging me to take on the local sport. He said many good basketballers go on to be successful football players. It’s true to say I fell in love with footy and haven’t looked back. I’m training with the Southern Stingrays and wouldn’t mind a professional career in football. I’m doing my VCE and I would like a good result and a good career. I still haven’t decided what I want to do but we are constantly told that young people today will have numerous jobs over their lifetime.