• Publications 2012 Annual Report
  • Action Area 3 – Leadership


    • Promote and develop shared, visionary and inspirational leadership.

    • Promote a culture of of creativity and innovative practice.

    • Ensure ethical governance, high standards and compliance in all schools.

    Read more about the Leadership Strategic Direction. 

    The Integrated Catholic Online Network (ICON) project is a collaborative project between Victorian Catholic schools and the four Victorian Catholic education offices in the Archdiocese of Melbourne and the dioceses of Ballarat, Sale and Sandhurst.


    ICON will provide the core technologies for Victorian Catholic education for the next decade and learning solutions to foster rich and deep student learning. Educators in Victorian Catholic schools and education offices will be supported to collaborate, create and share learning resources and optimise student learning outcomes. ICON will also provide a series of enterprise systems to streamline school administration.

    Victorian Catholic Schools Website Service

    In 2012 workshops for schools were developed in partnership with Fraynework Multimedia to support the design and implementation of school websites.


    The CEOM worked with schools to develop high level requirements for learning solutions that will enable schools to use data and evidence of learning to personalise learning; enable collaboration of students and teachers across Victorian Catholic education and beyond; and enable parents with timely access to information about each of their children.


    The CEOM also worked with schools to develop high level requirements and detailed business processes to create efficiencies with regard to school administrative processes and accountability.

    ICON Readiness

    In preparing schools for ICON, the CEOM:

    • conducted ICON briefings for principal and other regional networks
    • worked with ICON Coaches to develop strategies for a school-based support program
    • developed and published resources to support schools in the areas of ICON Readiness, e.g. multimedia resources, workshops and user guides
    • supported principals in the use of videoconferencing to encourage communication and collaboration.

    Other Initiatives and Responsibilities 

    • Facilitated the eAdmin Specialist Advisory Group
    • Facilitated the eLearning Specialist Advisory Group
    • Facilitated the Support and Implementation Specialist Advisory Group
    • Facilitated the ICON Learning Advisory Group
    • Developed the structure for the Web 2.0 online course.
    • Developed the ICON Readiness modules for the use of ICON Coaches and key leaders in schools
    • Facilitated the ICON Coach program for school-based support
    • Facilitated the Contemporary Learning Research Project
    • Managed ICT Infrastructure audits for schools
    • Provided support for the Literacy Numeracy Special Learning Needs (LNSLN) project
    • Provided support for the School Improvement Planning project
    • Developed multimedia resources to support schools.

    Personal Story 

    Greg Thomas 

    Greg Thomas
    Principal (first year)
    St Carlo Borromeo School, Templestowe

    My role as principal at St Carlo Borromeo School is foremost as an educator, not a manager. That’s one of the reasons I opted to be the mathematics coordinator and to maintain that classroom and curriculum connection.

    As a leader I need to be authentic, and a key personal challenge is to maintain current education practise. It’s important for teachers, students and parents to see me as a teacher and not only managing the administration side. A school should be about the education of its students and to engage them to maximise their learning.

    St Carlo Borromeo organises parent forums once a month, so parents can discuss issues of importance over a cup of tea or coffee, including Prep transition and the effectiveness of online communication strategies between families and the school.

    We have a high student wellbeing focus to engage the students in their learning and communications. Young people need to have a voice and to be proactive in their day-to-day learning.

    One initiative along these lines is the ‘principal for a day’ concept. I swap roles with a student and sit in class for a day to see how engaged the children are and what questions they are asking. I basically have a day in the life of a student and a student can experience what my life is like as a principal.

    With another initiative, we invite residents from nearby nursing homes to lunch. The parish organises the lunch and the children provide the entertainment. It’s a wonderful experience for all concerned, the young and the elderly. The plan is to have several of these functions every year.