• Publications 2012 Annual Report
  • Action Area 2 – Learning and Teaching


    • Enable every young person to be a successful, engaged and purposeful learner.

    • Plan and provide safe, contemporary and effective learning environments.

    • Attract, develop and retain the very best teachers and staff.

    Read more about the Learning and Teaching Strategic Direction. 

    The Catholic Education Office Melbourne (CEOM) provides support for secondary schools, principals of secondary schools and parents with children in secondary schools.

    Secondary Services

    The CEOM's Secondary Services Unit provide educational support and leadership for secondary schools and their communities, parish priests and canonical administrators. The Unit works in collaboration, partnership and subsidiarity with schools. Strategic advice is a key component of secondary support to parish priests, principals, teachers and parents.

    Pathways and Transition

    In 2012 the CEOM sought to enhance the relationship of schools with Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) and the relationship between RTOs and tertiary institutions. 

    World Youth Day Preparations

    Towards the end of 2012 preparations began to organise the journey of some secondary students from the Archdiocese to World Youth Day in July 2013 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

    Masters in Education Policy

    The Masters in Education Policy (International), the University of Melbourne, focuses on Post Compulsory courses for schools. Six Secondary Teachers were sponsored in 2012.

    Catholic Education Week Visual Arts Exhibition

    The 2012 Visual Arts Exhibition was the last to be held at the Artists' Society Gallery in Albert Street, East Melbourne. The exhibition provided a forum for students from Prep to Year 12 to display their talents.

    Vis Arts
    Caspian Lack, St Joan of Arc School, Brighton was Highly Commended in the Eileen Canty Award for Sebastian 
      Maggie Pitts
    Maggie Pitts, Our Lady of Mercy College, Heidelberg, won the Visual Arts Committee Award (Secondary) for Thomas 

    Other Initiatives and Responsibilities

    • Review auspicing partnerships
    • Post-compulsory pathways and transition
    • VET and VCAL initiatives and support
    • Secondary principal reviews
    • New principals (secondary) – induction and mentoring
    • Regional secondary principal consultants
    • Archdiocesan Enrolment Committee
    • Planning for secondary schools
    • Industrial Relations Committee
    • VCAA Senior Secondary Curriculum Committee
    • CECV Grants Allocation Committee (Secondary)
    • Review and updating of the CEOM's Critical Incident Management processes and policy to promote the safety of students and ensure better support to schools.

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    Personal Story  


    Kathy Green
    Religious Education Coordinator
    and Learning & Teaching Leader
    St Francis Xavier School, Montmorency

    The teachers at St Francis Xavier School strive for a whole-school approach with their teaching. Long gone are the days when particular subjects are taught as separate units of work. They are structured in such way that there is a learning connection across the curriculum.

    The school adopts an inclusive approach, with the aim of making education a rich learning experience for all the children. We help the students to find a connection with their lives, which will take them beyond their primary and secondary years and create lifelong learners. We would describe it as a ‘big picture’ school experience, based on our Catholic faith and identity.

    The children are expressive, articulate and proud of what they are achieving and, just as importantly, are happy to talk about it. The students are very aware of their strengths and the challenges they face, like students at any school.

    The children do wonderful things in a range of subjects from the arts, literacy and maths. This was evidenced several years ago when a group of Year 5 and 6 students, who perhaps hadn’t had much success, made a film about a bored student at school. The boy entered a cupboard and travelled through a portal into many other worlds, including the age of the dinosaurs.

    The project was awarded second prize in a national short film competition. The boys confidently talked to adults at several seminars and teacher network meetings about the project and their success. Their sense of pride and achievement when they talked to the different groups was fantastic.