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  • Action Area 2 – Learning and Teaching


    • Enable every young person to be a successful, engaged and purposeful learner.

    • Plan and provide safe, contemporary and effective learning environments.

    • Attract, develop and retain the very best teachers and staff.

    Read more about the Learning and Teaching Strategic Direction. 

    Church documents emphasise the need for well educated and dedicated staff in Catholic schools, whose contribution to the life of a Catholic school gives witness to the values of the Gospel and the mission of the Church.

    Contemporary learning requires high-quality teaching, therefore, the Catholic Education Office Melbourne (CEOM) ensures all staff have a high level of knowledge and skills and employ a suite of contemporary, evidence-based teaching strategies.

    Professional Learning

    Effective schools are learning communities in which all staff are lifelong learners who contribute to the learning and knowledge base, in order to achieve the goals of the Catholic school and realise its vision.

    Graduate Teachers

    The 2012 inaugural Graduate Teacher Welcome function was held with 135 graduate teachers from Archdiocesan primary and secondary schools in attendance. The event addressed key systemic requirements, before the educational ministry of the graduates was affirmed with the celebration of the Eucharist, followed by a welcome reception.

    teacher welcome
    Executive Director of Catholic Education, Stephen Elder,
    with graduate teachers

    Pre-service Teachers

    This ‘Learning in the School Community’ model of teacher education privileges professional practice and is extensively school-based. In 2012, the two cohorts of participating pre-service teachers (PST) entered the second or third year of the course, making a total of 31 PSTs continuing their teacher education within this multi-modal model.

    The Bachelor of Education Multi-Modal project, implemented over a four-year period in a tri-level partnership arrangement between the Australian Catholic University (ACU), the CEOM and invited Catholic schools, aims to strengthen the foundation for a strong teaching profession through provision of a high quality and innovative pre-service education model.


    Personal Story 

    Kathy Green 

    Kathy Green
    Religious Education Coordinator
    and Learning & Teaching Leader
    St Francis Xavier School, Montmorency

    The teachers at St Francis Xavier School strive for a whole-school approach with their teaching. Long gone are the days when particular subjects are taught as separate units of work. They are structured in such way that there is a learning connection across the curriculum.

    The school adopts an inclusive approach, with the aim of making education a rich learning experience for all the children. We help the students to find a connection with their lives, which will take them beyond their primary and secondary years and create lifelong learners. We would describe it as a ‘big picture’ school experience, based on our Catholic faith and identity.

    The children are expressive, articulate and proud of what they are achieving and, just as importantly, are happy to talk about it. The students are very aware of their strengths and the challenges they face, like students at any school.

    The children do wonderful things in a range of subjects from the arts, literacy and maths. This was evidenced several years ago when a group of Year 5 and 6 students, who perhaps hadn’t had much success, made a film about a bored student at school. The boy entered a cupboard and travelled through a portal into many other worlds, including the age of the dinosaurs.

    The project was awarded second prize in a national short film competition. The boys confidently talked to adults at several seminars and teacher network meetings about the project and their success. Their sense of pride and achievement when they talked to the different groups was fantastic.

    Australian Government Quality Teacher Program (AGQTP)

    A total of 26 projects were funded through the Australian Government Quality Teacher Program (AGQTP) across Victoria in 2012. Collectively these projects involved 2,218 teachers from 375 schools. The emphasis in the professional learning delivered through this program was on action research to support sustainable, ongoing improvement in teacher practice. There were 15 CEOM projects funded through the AGQTP involving a total of 924 teachers from 239 schools.

    Professional Learning Programs Provision

    In 2012, a total of 531 programs were offered through the Integrated Professional Learning System (IPLS) involving 6,732 participants over the year's professional learning programs. In line with best practice, there was a continued focus on engaging school teams in reflection on and research into their professional practice.

    Professional Learning Category Number of Programs
    Catechist 15
    Curriculum and Assessment 18
    Early Literacy Intervention 1
    Integrated Online Catholic Network (ICON) 21
    Finance and Administration 57
    Gifted Education 2
    Inclusive Schooling 1
    Intervention 2
    Industrial Relations (IR) and Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) 24
    Leadership 57
    Literacy 46
    LOTE (including National Asian Languages and Studies in Schools Program (NALSSP)) 11
    Mathematics 30
    New Arrivals – ESL/EAL 11
    Pathways and Transitions 21
    Pedagogy (Teaching and Learning) 14
    Professional Learning 7
    Media, Promotions and Marketing 2
    Religious Education 48
    School Boards 4
    School Improvement 23
    Science 8
    Student Services 88
    Wellbeing and Community Partnerships 20
    TOTAL  531 

    Sponsored Study

    The CEOM provides sponsorship for staff in Catholic schools to undertake study in a number of courses delivered by external educational institutions. Sponsored study includes complete or partial funding for course costs, and replacement costs also apply to some programs.

    The table below provides an overview of the range and number of sponsored studies offered in 2012. Support for study was offered to 699 teachers in Catholic schools.

    Courses and Institutions Primary Secondary Total
    Religious Education Accreditation Studies
    Graduate Certificate in Catholic Studies at Australian Catholic University (ACU) 47 12 59
    Graduate Certificate in Teaching Religious Education at Yarra Theological Union (YTU) 24 6 30
    Graduate Certificate in Teaching Religious Education at Catholic Theological College (CTC) 16 2 18
    Specific four Units for Accreditation at John Paul II Institute 1 3 4
    Religious Education Studies in Theology and Religious Education
    Master of Religious Education at ACU 10 2 12
    Master of Theology, Bachelor of Theology or Graduate Diploma in Theology at YTU   2 2
    Master of Theological Studies, Bachelor of Theology or Graduate Diploma in Theology at CTC   3 3
    Graduate Certificate in Religious Education at ACU 1 2 3
    Certificate in Guided Meditation at ACU 2   2
    Educational Leadership
    Master of Education (Educational Management) at the University of Melbourne 8 10 18
    Master of Educational Leadership at ACU 9 18 27
    Postgraduate Certificate in Educational Leadership (Leading to Learn) at ACU   1 1
    Student Wellbeing
    Master of Education (Student Wellbeing) at the University of Melbourne 26 20 46
    Student Wellbeing Inclusive Schooling
    Postgraduate Certificate in Education (Wellbeing in Inclusive Schooling) at ACU 15 3 18
    Literacy Intervention
    Postgraduate Certificate in Early Literacy Intervention at the University of Melbourne 20   20
    Oral Language: The Primary Years (single unit) at the University of Melbourne 27   27
    Languages Other than English (LOTE)
    Study of Languages and LOTE Methodology (Various courses at a range of Institutions)   1 1
    English as a Second Language (ESL)
    Professional Certificate In TESOL – ESL in the Primary Curriculum at the University of Melbourne 23   23
    Mathematics/ Mathematics Education
    Master of Education (Mathematics) at ACU 12 4 16
    Master of Education at the University of Melbourne 2 2 4
    Graduate Certificate in Mathematics at Charles Sturt University   1 1
    Pathways and Transition
    Master of Educational Policy (International) at the University of Melbourne   8 8
    TOTALS  243  100  343 

    Other Professional Learning Initiatives and Responsibilities

    • Upgrade of features on IPLS for schools
    • Identifying and acknowledging High Performing Teachers in the Catholic sector
    • Sponsored study support in Educational Leadership.

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