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  • Professional Learning

    Staff in Catholic schools are called to share in a special way in the mission of the Church. Church documents emphasise the need for well educated and dedicated staff in Catholic schools, whose contribution to the life of a Catholic school gives witness to the values of the Gospel and the mission of the Church.

    The work of school leaders, teachers and school officers (support staff) requires a sophisticated array of knowledge, skills and attributes, which, in the face of constant and rapid social, economic, technological and educational change, requires continual enhancement.

    Effective schools are learning communities in which all staff are lifelong learners who contribute to the learning and knowledge base, in order to achieve the goals of the Catholic school and realise its vision. To this end Catholic Education Melbourne has developed Policy 2.18 Professional Learning for Staff in Catholic Schools which provides an important reference and context to stimulate discussion and facilitate decision-making and acts as a model for the development of a school's own professional learning policy.

    Similarly, each Catholic Education Office across the four dioceses of Victoria recognises that continuing professional learning is an essential component of school improvement and staff development. In particular, professional learning is a major contributing factor towards improvement in student learning outcomes. For these reasons Catholic Education Offices are committed to:

    • allocating resources to develop the school as a learning community
    • facilitating ongoing religious formation of staff to enhance the Catholic identity of the school
    • advancing leadership enrichment opportunities
    • building capacity in all areas of teaching and learning
    • making available regular professional learning activities for Catholic school staff via My IPLS (IPLS) and providing information about programs delivered by external organisations

    Catholic Education Melbourne provides professional learning across a broad range of areas including;

    • Australian Curriculum
    • Contemporary Learning
    • Curriculum & Innovation
    • eLearning
    • Financial Procedures
    • Induction & Marketing
    • Industrial Relations
    • Leadership
    • Legal Issues
    • Literacy
    • Languages
    • Numeracy & Mathematics
    • Pathways & Transition
    • Religious Education
    • Science
    • School Boards
    • School Improvement
    • Student Services
    • Student Wellbeing