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    Welcome to Women in Leadership. This section contains the Supporting Women in their Leadership Journeys Compendium and Resource Guides.

    Catholic Education Melbourne is committed to supporting the development of women in leadership at all stages on their leadership journeys.

    Supporting Women in their Leadership Journeys is a resource aimed at supporting women in Catholic schools who are in leadership or who aspire to leadership in the future. It comprises a Compendium, seven Resource Guides and a Reading list. The Compendium provides the research background and specific contexts shaping the opportunities for, and the experiences of, women taking up leadership responsibilities in the Catholic Schools. The Resource Guides offer information and resources to enable women to deal with the challenges they face on their leadership journey. The Reading List includes the references cited in the Resource Guides.

    The Resource Guides bring together the learning generated through Catholic Education Melbourne women in leadership programs and Inspiring Leadership for Women: Round Table Forum. They draw on the wisdom and leadership journeys of the participants and they incorporate many of the strategies, resources and advice offered by the program facilitators, particularly Trinidad Hunt, Élan Enterprises LLC.

    The Resource Guides are organised around themed issues and topics relating to women in leadership. Each follows a similar format:

    • Exploring the issue – aspects or research and literature that highlight key contentions and possibilities 
    • The women say – insights, reflections and advice of women who participated in the Catholic Education Melbourne Inspiring Women for Leadership programs, in particular the Round Table Forum, over the period 2011–2013 
    • Sharing the learning – some reflections and suggestions for proven strategies and resources that will assist you to respond to the issue in focus. 

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