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  • Beginning Teachers

    For information about seeking employment in Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Melbourne, see Working in Catholic Education.

    Support for Beginning Teacher Induction

    Catholic Education Melbourne supports the induction of beginning teachers once they are employed in schools in the Archdiocese of Melbourne, in various ways:

    • Catholic Education Melbourne offers funding grants to Catholic primary schools to support the Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT) training in induction and mentoring of Provisionally Registered Teachers (PRTs).
    • Archdiocesan Graduate Teacher Welcome Function. The function is an important annual event that acknowledges and welcomes newly-appointed graduate teachers from both primary and secondary schools in the Archdiocese of Melbourne. This special event seeks to affirm our newly appointed-graduate’s educational ministry and provide an opportunity to meet key members of staff from both Catholic Education Melbourne and the Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT) who support registration and accreditation processes. 
    • Catholic Education Melbourne has also made available the following video information to support early career teachers as they seek their accreditation to teach in a Catholic school or teach RE in a Catholic school. http://bit.ly/reaccreditation 
    • Catholic Education Melbourne in its commitment to supporting beginning teachers provides resources and information to graduates, their mentors and school principals or leaders on systemic requirements for accreditation and Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT) registration requirements.

    The Leadership Continuum aims to help map career paths for teachers within Catholic Education across the Archdiocese of Melbourne with a strong focus on recognising that individual development needs will vary with experience and context throughout a school leader’s career journey.







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