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  • Supporting Schools in SIF

    Schools are supported by Catholic Education Melbourne, primarily but not solely through the Regional Offices, to assist schools in their school improvement cycle.

    This support is differentiated to meet the needs identified by schools as they move into a review year. Customised support is provided to schools focused on:

    • interpretation and analysis of data and evidence
    • completion of the Self-reflection Report
    • reflection on goals, intended outcomes and targets
    • an audit of achievements from the previous School Improvement Plan
    • models of reflection
    • engagement with the whole school community.

    There are a broad range of resources and support documents associated with school improvement available for school use. Underpinning these materials is a recognition that continuous school improvement is inextricably linked with:

    • improvement frameworks and strategies
    • effective monitoring of school and students’ performance
    • leadership and the building of leadership capacity
    • governance structures
    • the planning and provision of suitable and safe school infrastructure and facilities
    • access to demographic and enrolment projections.

    Resources and information related to other key dimensions of school improvement, such as the provision of a structured and comprehensive curriculum and a coordinated program for ensuring students’ safety and wellbeing, are also available to schools.