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    The School Improvement Framework seeks to address the dual purpose of satisfying legitimate expectations of government and sector authorities about accountability for the outcomes of schooling; and to assist schools and teachers to improve student learning outcomes.

    The Framework recognises the distinctive nature of Catholic schooling, combining a structured approach to internal improvement planning with a component of external assessment and accountability.

    The Framework seeks to support schools in establishing the organisational conditions that support continuous improvement, ensure that the unique features of each school situation are recognised and that strategies are built on the basis of an analysis of that particular context.

    This has been to ensure that schools are provided with an opportunity to move into the School Improvement Framework at a suitable entry point and to be assured of the most appropriate support from Catholic Education Melbourne to ensure ongoing effectiveness within a continuous school improvement continuum.

    School Improvement Framework Sphere Chart 

    Accountability without improvement is empty rhetoric,
    improvement without accountability
    is whimsical action without direction
    (Earl 2004). 

    Earl, L 2004, 'Measuring effectiveness and improvement in schools: why accountability is not about painting by numbers', Incorporated Association of Registered Teachers of Victoria (IARTV) Seminar Series, Jolimont, Victoria, May 2004.