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  • School Improvement Framework

    Schools and Catholic system authorities have a joint responsibility to work collaboratively to ensure that students are provided with optimal learning environments within which to achieve their potential in terms of learning outcomes.

    The School Improvement Framework of Catholic Education Melbourne has two purposes:

    1. to satisfy legitimate expectations of government and sector authorities about accountability for the outcomes of schooling
    2. to assist schools and teachers to improve student learning outcomes.

    The Framework promotes an evidence-based inquiry approach to planning within the school. It requires schools to incorporate ongoing monitoring and evaluation of student outcomes to ensure continuous school improvement and to regularly reflect upon questions such as:

    • How are we going?
    • How do we know?
    • What would we like to achieve?
    • What do we have to do to achieve these outcomes?
    • How will we know whether we have achieved what we want?

    The School Improvement Framework operates on a four-year cycle.

     School Improvement Framework_May 2012