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  • Your Child's Learning

    The purpose of each Catholic primary school is to give your child a foundation of faith, values, knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for lifelong learning.

    In Victoria, Catholic primary schools have a particularly strong emphasis on engaging students in a faith-based education where high standards are maximised in all areas of the curriculum and particularly in literacy and numeracy. Our schools provide an environment which encourages your child to be confident and excited about learning from the start of school life.

    The child is at the centre of all learning arrangements in Catholic schools. Catholic schools recognise that students are individuals – each with his/her own distinctive learning styles. Some students learn mainly through physical experience or hands-on tasks; other students prefer to learn using visual or verbal experiences. Teachers cater for the diverse needs of different students. Learning experiences are designed to help your child develop knowledge, skills and understanding in all areas of learning.

    Contemporary Learning

    In their approach to contemporary learning, teachers in Catholic schools:

    • aim to ensure all students will make progress and succeed
    • enable students to develop deep understandings about the world and how to operate effectively in that world
    • build capacity for lifelong learning
    • use an inquiry learning approach to develop independent learning and the ability to make connections between ideas, areas of knowledge and experiences
    • create flexible learning opportunities in response to different learning styles
    • encourage effective use of contemporary technology to develop learning and understanding
    • encourage learners to think and work creatively, explore and experiment, plan and reflect, communicate and collaborate
    • create learning opportunities in different environments within and beyond the classroom.

    Our schools provide facilities that enable your child to use and develop his or her skills in various technologies, as well as to learn in engaging and effective ways.