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  • School Boards - Support

    The majority of Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Melbourne, whether primary or secondary, have established school boards, or an equivalent body.

    In parish primary schools, the board is called a parish education board.

    Although the specific functions of boards varies from one school to another, the key role of all school boards is to actively support Catholic education through participation and collaboration at the school level.

    Catholic Education Melbourne assists schools by providing services which include:

    • assistance with the formation of new boards
    • professional development for new board members
    • professional learning for members of boards 
    • advice and support to principals, parish priests and canonical administrators in relation to the role of the board in their particular setting
    • support for network and cluster activities
    • provision of print and online resources.

    Catholic Education Melbourne services provide principals, parish priests and canonical administrators with resources and advice in working with existing boards and in establishing new boards. The specific formation requirements of individual boards are the responsibility of the relevant principal, parish priest or canonical administrators as leaders of the school community.

    A consultancy service is provided to primary school principals and to a limited extent, secondary school principals during normal business hours. The service is by telephone, email and face to face meetings. Additional assistance may be provided by referrals to other areas within Catholic Education Melbourne, particularly Catholic Education Melbourne regional offices. This service responds to specific needs of individual schools where support may be needed to establish and maintain an effective board, and to assist with the development and the review of draft documents.

    For more information contact the Wellbeing Unit on 03 9267 0228.