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    The Wellbeing Unit of Catholic Education Melbourne seeks to strengthen and empower school communities to promote the wellbeing of students and develop partnerships with families and the community to promote learning.

    The Catholic Education Melbourne Unit:

    • supports the development of a strong culture of wellbeing in Catholic school communities to promote learning
    • informs and provides strategic support to school leadership to align student wellbeing, school community partnerships, teaching and learning in a school improvement context
    • builds the capacity of school systems to take a leadership role in the design, implementation and evaluation of student wellbeing policy, initiatives and practices to improve student learning outcomes
    • enhances the capacity of schools to engage teachers, families and community partners to support student learning and wellbeing.

    Pastoral Care of Students in Catholic Schools, (Policy 2.26 of the Catholic Education Office Melbourne) is the foundational document for this ministry of service. The document draws its inspiration and spirit from the Christian Gospels, and the values for living they reveal in the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.

    The Wellbeing Unit engages in a range of major initiatives providing a structured model for strategic support to schools through the Catholic Education Melbourne Student Wellbeing Strategy 2011–2015.

    • Leading wellbeing to enhance learning: acknowledges the critical role of school leaders in developing a wellbeing culture across the school community which draws the links between student wellbeing and improved learning outcomes. 
    • Creating safe and effective learning environments: focuses on the wide range of school structures, processes and procedures including curriculum teaching and learning, which contribute to the provision of a safe and effective learning environment for all. 
    • Promoting school community partnerships for learning: acknowledges the role of the school in building community and reaching out to the broader school community and beyond, to build diverse and inclusive partnerships for learning.

    Services provided by the Catholic Education Melbourne Wellbeing Unit:  

    • Telephone advice 9 am – 5 pm weekdays (Catholic Education Melbourne Wellbeing & Community Partnerships Duty Officer – 03 9267 0228)
    • Consultation with school leadership and Catholic Education Melbourne Regional Offices
    • Guidance and support to schools in responding to a critical incident 
    • Briefings with school clusters and regions
    • Postgraduate study options including sponsorship of the Master of Education (Student Wellbeing) at the University of Melbourne and Master of Education (Wellbeing in Inclusive Schooling) at ACU and ongoing support of graduates from both courses
    • Professional learning opportunities
    • Professional reading and access to current information through the Student Wellbeing Action Partnership (SWAP) online resource.

    Research documents provided by the Catholic Education Melbourne Wellbeing & Community Partnerships Unit: 

    1. Student Wellbeing 
    2. Social and Emotional Learning 
    3. Restorative Practices 
    4. Clusters 
    5. School Community 
    6. Transition and Engagement  
    7. Social Inclusion 
    8. Community Arts 

    For further information please contact the Wellbeing Unit on 03 9267 0228.

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