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    The Psychologist’s role in Catholic Education Melbourne is to provide a service to schools from a Regional Office base. The main focus of service is assessment, consultancy and program direction assistance within the school community for students with additional learning needs and/or social, emotional and behavioural difficulties. Direct services may be provided where appropriate.

    Other services include the following:

    • assisting with Individual Learning Plan development (ILP)
    • fostering organisational processes in schools
    • provision of professional learning that encourages a whole school approach to educational programs, student wellbeing and behaviour management.

    School Advisers (ESL/New Arrivals)  

    The role of the School Adviser (English as a Second Language (ESL)/New Arrivals) is to provide consultancy services to schools to meet the settlement and educational needs of students newly arrived in Australia.

    This role includes:

    • consultancy with schools in the area of needs assessment, planning and program implementation for eligible ESL/New Arrival students
    • provision of expert advice to Program Support Groups (PSG) and assistance in the implementation of Individual Learning Plans
    • liaison with Regional staff to enhance literacy and numeracy strategies to newly arrived students
    • assistance to schools in the development and maintenance of relevant documentation
    • provision of cultural information and assistance to schools in the establishment of pastoral care provision for students from diverse cultural backgrounds
    • assistance to schools in policy development to respond to the needs of newly arrived students
    • planning and conducting staff professional learning related to eligible ESL/New Arrival students
    • liaison with Catholic secondary schools with eligible ESL/New Arrival students in transition from language schools when required
    • the development and maintenance of regional-based networks to support teachers of ESL/New Arrival students
    • liaison with community organisations as, and when necessary, to assist schools in their response to newly arrived students
    • consultancy to secondary schools as required.

    School Advisers (Student Services)  

    The School Adviser (Student Services) role is to support principals, teachers, parents and students through the facilitation of processes that assist students with additional learning needs, within their whole school community.

    This may involve one or more of the following:

    • provision of expert advice to Program Support Groups (PSG)
    • strategy support which may include educational assessment, program direction and development of an Individual Learning Plan (ILP)
    • consultative support for the implementation of ERIK intervention pathways
    • initiating and consolidating support structures and referral processes
    • providing/facilitating professional learning activities
    • assisting with policy development
    • facilitating effective use of resources
    • liaising with other services, agencies and support networks, both directly and indirectly.

    Speech Pathologists  

    The Speech Pathologist role in Catholic Education Melbourne is to provide support to schools to enhance learning outcomes for students with communication impairments. There is a particular emphasis on the early years and on the impact language impairments have on the student’s learning within the classroom environment. Speech pathologists support schools to be flexible in planning and implementing appropriate programs for students who require teaching and learning adjustments to support oral language development.

    While seeking to provide equitable access to services, it is also acknowledged that there may be a requirement for service prioritisation. Speech pathologists provide professional support at whole school, classroom, small group and individual student levels. In addition to intervention services, the speech pathology stream conduct a broad range of professional learning activities for teachers.

    Visiting Teachers 

    The Visiting Teacher service has been established by Catholic Education Melbourne to provide support to students with disabilities and impairments in Catholic schools.

    Service may take the form of assistance with curriculum differentiation, Individual Learning Plan (ILP) development and implementation, consultancy to Program Support Groups (PSG) and/or professional learning for staff.

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    Note: School Advisers, Speech Pathologists, Psychologists and Visiting Teachers are based in the Regional Offices.