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  • New Arrivals Program

    The CECV New Arrivals Program is regionally based to allow School Advisers (New Arrivals) to provide consultancy services to schools to meet the needs of newly arrived students and their teachers.

    A grant allocation is made to schools with eligible newly-arrived, English as an Additional Language (EAL) students to employ a teacher to work on a sessional basis with the students.

    This allocation is arranged through the Education Officer (New Arrivals). Eligible secondary students are entitled to a minimum of six months English language support at a language centre/school if they are enrolled in a Catholic secondary school prior to commencing at the language centre/school or a grant allocation to employ a teacher to work on a sessional basis with the students.

    For further information contact Mrs Margaret Nutbean, Education Officer with Specific Responsibility, EAL–New Arrivals, on 03 9267 0228 or via email mnutbean@ceomelb.catholic.edu.au.

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    Manager, Learning Diversity

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    Note: School Advisers, Speech Pathologists, Psychologists and Visiting Teachers are based in the Regional Offices.