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  • Anaphylaxis and other health conditions

    Anaphylaxis is a severe allergic reaction which requires life-saving medication. A severe allergic reaction usually occurs within 20 minutes of exposure and can rapidly become life-threatening. Anaphylaxis must be treated as a medical emergency, requiring immediate treatment and urgent medical attention.    

    Each Catholic school in Victoria has an Anaphylaxis Management Policy which includes the training of relevant staff. A medically approved individual Anaphylaxis Management Plan is developed for each student at risk and parents are required to provide this plan and their child’s EpiPen® to the school. 

    The Catholic Education Commission of Victoria Ltd has made provision for schools to access training in First Aid response to Anaphylaxis. Currently this training is provided by St John Ambulance Victoria.  Contact can be made through the Customer Service Centre on 03 8588 8391 or contact: Ms Catherine Henbest, Team Leader at CEM on 9267 0228 or chenbest@cem.edu.au   

    For further information on anaphlaxis, view the following resources:  


     Royal Children's Hospital School Care Program 

    The CECV has formed a partnership with the Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne, to provide a service to schools for students with complex medical needs requiring specialised training. The RCH Schoolcare Program referral form can be accessed via the CEVN intranet under Curriculum & Student Support, Student Services, Health Management, Schoolcare Program (RCH) Referral Form. NOTE: School personnel require a login for this site. For more information, contact: Ms Frieda Lai, Education Officer, on 9267 4571 or flai@cem.edu.au or read more about the RCH Home - School Care Program. 

    Other Health Conditions 


    Visit the Asthma website www.asthma.org.au or Phone 1300 314 806. 

     Diabetes Diabetes Victoria 

     Visit the Diabetes Victoria website.  


     Visit the Epilepsy Australia website   

      Encopresis and Continence Care  

     Read more about this on the:  

    Further Health and Safety Management Advice 


     Further information is available on the CEVN website under the Catholic Schools Operational Guide. Also the Victorian Government Department of Education and Training's School Policy and Advisory Guide provides government schools with quick and easy access to governance and operational policies and advice about Student Health.  

    Refer specifically to sections of the School Policy Advisory Guide related to: 

    For further information about any of the conditions mentioned above, contact Ms Judy Connell, Manager, Learning Diversity, on 03 9267 0228 or juconnell@ceomelb.catholic.edu.au. 
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