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  • Catechist Support

    Catechists' Formation and Support Services (CFSS) provides assistance in the provision of catechesis across the Archdiocese of Melbourne.

    The team works to support those involved in providing for the religious education of students beyond Catholic schools and their parents, by:

    • seeking to provide strategic support, program design and implementation assistance that will ensure the provision of catechesis within various settings
    • seeking to assist parishes identify and articulate faith formation and catechetical needs and how they might meet these needs
    • being available to assist catechists in their learning and teaching involvement with students, and in their use of resources and texts
    • providing a professional learning program for catechists involved in parish catechesis, faith formation and those involved in the provision of Religious Education to students beyond Catholic schools
    • supporting catechists who provide special religious instruction to Catholic students in government schools
    • providing adult faith formation and catechetical methodology via the Catechist Diploma Course, a five-unit (12 hours per unit) program. Upon completion, the Catechist Diploma is conferred by the Archbishop of Melbourne.

    A variety of training days are provided throughout the year to build the skills of the catechist and to give opportunities for faith development. These training days are available free of charge to all who are interested in further formation and development.

    In addition, the Catechists' Formation and Support Services provide a quarterly journal for catechists within the Archdiocese of Melbourne. This journal, Good News for Catechists, provides for catechists and those involved in various forms of parish catechesis and faith formation, materials, reflections, and activities that can assist with the ongoing process of parish faith formation and catechesis. It seeks to look at current theological study and the application of relevant theories of learning and teaching that can be applied within the context of the specific needs of parishes.

    For further information, contact the Catechists Formation and Support Services team.

    Good News for Catechists

    Good News for CatechistsGood News for Catechists is a publication provided by the Catechists' Formation and Support Team. 

    This team provides a comprehensive professional development program for catechists, parents and parish faith development personnel throughout the year.

    Editions can be downloaded from Publications & Policies.

  • Mr Tony Byrne

    Coordinating Manager, Catholic Identity

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