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    Religious Education is at the heart of both the formal and informal Catholic school curriculum. 

    Our schools are characterised by a high proportion of Catholic teachers and students, with a visible Catholic symbolic culture and active sacramental and liturgical practices. The values, ideals and challenges of the Gospel, embodied in the person of Jesus Christ, find explicit expression in the curriculum and ethos of Catholic schools, as do the teachings and traditions of the Catholic Church.

    Small icon of Christ The challenge for teachers is to engage students in making sense and meaning of their everyday lives in the light of the teachings of Jesus Christ and the traditions of the Catholic Church.

    The Catholic Identity Unit provides information and resources to support teachers in fulfilling this challenge.

    Contact the Catholic Identity Unit on 03 9267 0228.

    Online Religious Education Resources

    Catholic Education Melbourne offers support to Religious Education teachers through RESource which provides a range of curriculum resources for teachers.

    This site provides resources for teachers presented from the perspective of the Catholic Church tradition and educational processes for the exploration of specific topics and issues in Ethics and Morality, Scripture, Church Life, Sacraments and Prayer and Worship.

  • Mr Tony Byrne

    Coordinating Manager, Catholic Identity

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    Administrative Support 


    Lead Consultant, Religious Education
    Lucy Carroll

    Education Officers, Religious Education  
    Paul Fumei
    Rina Madden
    Kerri-Anne Porreca

    Formation Officer, Catholic Identity 
    Lisa Hughes

    Formation Officer, Liturgy, Prayer & Spirituality
    Vas Clementine 

    Resource Writer, Theology and Religious Education
    Kathryn Bowden 

    Administrative Officer(Accreditation & Sponsorship) 
    Ann Capp-Perucic

    Administrative Assistant(Accreditation & Sponsorship) 
    Anna Colombo


    Learning Consultants (Religious Education), Primary Schools
    Natalie Ballinger
    Pauline Cicutto
    Rosa Grabovac 
    Ingrid Green
    Louise Harris
    Lisa Heffernan
    Matthew Navaretti
    Kathryn Robinson
    Rose Thomas
    Bernadette Venables
    Margarette Waldeck

    Learning Consultants (Religious Education), Secondary SchoolsAlexandra Cometti
    Shaun Healy

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