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  • Southern Regional Office

    Regional Offices are staffed by multidisciplinary teams who provide customised service and high quality strategic advice to leaders and schools. With a strong focus on continuous school improvement regions lead and support the efforts of Catholic schools to:

    • Continuously improve student learning experiences and outcomes through the provision of contemporary, personalised approaches to learning and teaching
    • Build performance and development cultures characterised by high expectations and high quality teaching responsive to individual student needs.

    By working in partnership with Catholic schools the regions of Catholic Education Melbourne assist schools to provide an outstanding education in faith and knowledge.

    Southern Regional Office602 South Road
    (PO Box 3104)
    VIC 3189

    Ph: (03) 8301 7400
    Fax: (03) 9553 5005


  • Ms Debra Egan

    Regional General Manager


    Administrative Support
    Larrayne Attard
    Helen Humphreys

    Principal Consultants
    Anthony Levett
    Maree Holmes

    Elizabeth Gleeson

    Learning Consultants
    Regional Education Officers
    Leonie Lisiecki

    Additional Learning Needs
    Liz Riley
    Mary-Anne Rugg

    English Additional Language
    Eliza Costigan

    Learning & Teaching
    Madeleine Kelly
    Alison Lomas

    Andrea Kershaw
    Verity Pearson

    Carmel Godfrey
    Kathryn Nolan
    Joanna Pringle
    Rebecca Stewart
    Jan Walker

    New Arrivals
    Eliza Costigan

    Numeracy Invention Tutor
    Vicky Nally

    Reading Recovery Tutor
    Karen O'Sullivan

    Religious Education
    Ingrid Green
    Elisabetta Micallef
    Margaret Waldeck

    Natalie Bradshaw
    Cheryl Leber
    Tony MacDonald

    Senior Speech Pathologist
    Joanne Gimas

    Speech Pathologists
    Claire Brough
    Laura Brough
    Sarah Gravina

    Visiting Teachers
    Odette Budge
    Helen Blackledge
    Ann Fairless
    Jan Ferguson
    Jon Mason



    Learning & Teaching Coach located at St Mary's Dandenong
    Sue O'Connell