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  • Northern Regional Office

    Regional Offices are staffed by multidisciplinary teams who provide customised service and high quality strategic advice to leaders and schools. With a strong focus on continuous school improvement regions lead and support the efforts of Catholic schools to:

    • Continuously improve student learning experiences and outcomes through the provision of contemporary, personalised approaches to learning and teaching
    • Build performance and development cultures characterised by high expectations and high quality teaching responsive to individual student needs.

    By working in partnership with Catholic schools the regions of Catholic Education Melbourne assist schools to provide an outstanding education in faith and knowledge.

    Northern Regional OfficeCnr Howard &
    Rosslyn Streets

    Ph: (03) 8387 3200
    Fax: (03) 9326 7443


  • Mr John Mills

    Regional General Manager


    Administrative Support
    Loretta Harvey
    Cherie Napolitano
    Luciann Napolitano

    Principal Consultants
    Craig Carlin
    Genevieve Moss
    Sandra Ritchie
    Joseph Scerri
    Rosa Wilkinson

    Christopher Bence

    Learning Consultants
    Regional Education Officers
    Judy Jack
    Maria Minto-Cahill

    Additional Learning Needs
    Fiona Hannagan
    Marina Juka
    Andrea McKay

    Autism Spectrum Disorders
    Susan Ongarato

    Learning and Teaching
    Jane Bennett
    Tania Rivett
    Snjezana Singh

    Maureen Cann
    Marian Corsetti
    Dian Faulisi

    Janeane Anderson
    Giselle Andrews
    Ann Coffey
    James Giannopoulos
    Linda Makin

    New Arrivals
    Jane Banks

    Reading Recovery Tutor
    Julie Gunn

    Numeracy Intervention Tutor
    Lucy Kett

    Religious Education
    Pauline Cicutto
    Alex Cometti
    Matthew Navaretti
    Bernadette Venables

    Yasmine Carey
    Silvana Colussa
    Arrigo Dorissa
    Christine Will

    Senior Speech Pathologist
    Malathi Ferdinando

    Speech Pathologists
    Sarah Jackson
    Sandi Kotevski
    Megan Smorgon
    Yvonne Yee

    Visiting Teachers
    Colleen Dalton
    Monika Davies
    Annemarie O'Connell