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  • Leadership & School Development


    Support is provided to schools, and in particular principals, and through them Canonical Administrators and Religious Institutes, in the development and implementation of innovations and best practice in leadership and accountability and school improvement.

    Such services relate particularly to principal appointments, principal induction and review, specialised professional learning, and projects focused on leadership and school improvement activities.

    For more information visit the:

    Contact the Leadership Staff Unit on 03 9267 0228.

    Professional Learning

    Catholic Education Melbourne recognises that continuing professional learning is an essential component of school improvement and staff development.

    For this reason, Catholic Education Melbourne is committed to making available regular professional learning activities for Catholic school staff.

    Professional learning activities cover a wide range of areas including:

    • Australian Curriculum
    • Contemporary Learning
    • Curriculum and Innovation
    • eLearning
    • Financial Procedures
    • Induction and Mentoring
    • Industrial Relations
    • Leadership
    • Legal Issues
    • Literacy
    • Languages
    • Numeracy & Mathematics
    • Pathways & Transition
    • Religious Education
    • Science
    • School Boards
    • School Improvement
    • Student Services
    • Student Wellbeing.

    Other professional learning opportunities are available under the Australian Government Quality Teacher Program (AGQTP).

    Staff in Catholic schools in Melbourne can register for Catholic Education Melbourne professional learning activities via the CEVN intranet site under
    My PL (IPLS).

    Contact the Leadership & School Development Staff Unit on
    03 9267 0228.

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