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  • Infrastructure & Capital Funding

    Catholic Education Melbourne provides administrative support to Catholic Capital Grants (Victoria) Ltd.

    CCG (Vic) Ltd is the legal entity that has the responsibility for the receipt and distribution of funds to Victorian Catholic schools under a suite of government programs that are primarily associated with capital development.  CCG has a number of administrative responsibilities associated with these programs including: reporting and accountability to government, assisting schools to develop project proposals, receipt and assessment of project applications, making funding recommendations to the government and, once approved, monitoring funded projects.

    This work is aligned to the following funding programs:

    • Capital Grants Programme – to provide and improve school capital infrastructure, particularly for the most educationally disadvantaged students. 
    • Victorian Government Capital Funding Program – will reach schools with the greatest facilities needs to assist in creating contemporary educational spaces that meet the teaching and learning needs of the school.
    • Supplementary Capital Fund (SCF) – this Archdiocesan program is designed to assist Primary schools who have demonstrated the need to undertake infrastructure development projects, and have been unsuccessful in attracting assistance under the government funding programs administered by Catholic Capital Grants (Victoria) Ltd.

    For further information contact the Infrastructure and Capital Funding Unit on 03 9267 0228. 

    Asset Management/Infrastructure Services

    Catholic Education Melbourne offers a range of services to schools related to assisting with the planning and development of the built environment and infrastructure including:

    • Master planning – support of advice about master planning for school sites and the provision of contemporary learning spaces.
    • Facilities planning – analysis and advice to support future accommodation and teaching and learning requirements and planning.
    • Facilities audits – for schools with a specific and urgent need for a comprehensive report on the condition of all facilities.
    • Facilities survey – the facilitation of an annual survey of Archdiocesan schools wherein information about the size and condition of all facilities in a school is collected.
    • Provision of relocatable classrooms – a pool of relocatables is available for primary schools with urgent an short-term need for learning space.
    • Maintenance advice – assistance with maintenance issues and with the development of a planned program of maintenance.
    • Plans and documentation – assembling and updating a database of school plans which assists schools when new works are being considered.

    For further information contact the Infrastructure and Capital Funding Unit on 03 9267 0228.



  • Mr Fergus Chisholm

    Manager, Infrastructure and Capital Funding

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    Administrative Assistant
    Nanette Sweeney


  • Senior Officer, Emergency Management 
    Andrew Grindlay

    Facilities Management 
    Vasko Atanasovski

    Officer, School Infrastructure 
    Harry Allard

    Farm Manager, Moonlight Head 
    John Rial


    Team Leader, Capital Programs 
    Kevin Pound

    Officers, Capital Programs 
    Richard Anderson
    Mardi Butcher
    Gerard Hogan
    Suzy Milohanic

    Finance Officer, Capital Programs
    Therese Kelaart

    Administrative Assistant 
    Anthony Murray