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    Learning Centred Schools, A Sacred Landscape: Learning and Teaching Framework & Strategy 2009–2013

    This is the core document that articulates and details the strategic alignment of a broad range of CEM policies and capacity building initiatives to support school improvement for achieving high standards in student learning, innovation and best practice in teaching.

    The Improved Learning Outcomes Unit of Catholic Education Melbourne seeks to support Catholic schools in their individual and collaborative efforts to ensure that every student reaches the highest standards and enjoys the best educational experience possible. Thus the Improved Learning Outcomes Unit works to challenge schools to continually focus their energy and desire for innovation on school improvement strategies that directly affect learning and student achievement.


    Services provided by the Improved Learning Outcomes Unit include:

    • postgraduate study options including sponsorship of the Masters of Education (in approved Mathematics related subjects) at Monash University, Masters of Literacy Leadership at the University of Melbourne and Postgraduate Certificate in Literacy Leadership at the University of Melbourne
    • professional learning projects and initiatives
    • long-term projects that enable schools to undertake action research
    • support for teacher networks in the areas of Literacy, Mathematics, Science and Languages
    • Extension Education services
    • consultancy.

    Improved Learning Outcomes Teams

    Four teams within the Improved Learning Outcomes Unit work collaboratively to provide schools with strategic support to implement the Learning Centred Schools framework.

    Literacy Team

    The Literacy Team works to share knowledge and understandings about what improves literacy learning, what students’ literacy learning needs are and how literacy goals will be achieved. Both primary and secondary schools are able to engage in projects that support teachers to develop an evidence base for planning, decision-making and teaching so that every child develops the literacy practices that enable her/him to realise diverse life goals.

    Mathematics Team

    The Mathematics Team works in partnership with leaders and teachers from primary and secondary schools to improve the mathematical understandings and numeracy skills of all students in Catholic schools. This enables a successful transition from one stage of schooling to the next based on a well developed foundation of mathematics skills and positive attitudes to learning. This work is built on the understanding that in contemporary society, mathematics has a fundamental role in enabling cultural, social and technological advances and empowering individuals as critical citizens.

    Learning & Teaching Team

    The Learning & Teaching team supports schools to develop rigorous and relevant curriculum that engages learners as they develop the capabilities required to live and learn successfully in a global, knowledge-based world. Tools and programs that challenge and support teachers to reflect on their practice and its impact on student learning have been developed in order to realise the Learning Centred Schools, A Sacred Landscape learning and teaching framework. Strategic support is provided to school and curriculum leaders to facilitate the transition from a curriculum based on the Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELS) to the Australian Curriculum.

    Learning & Teaching Project Areas

    The Learning and Teaching Team is also responsible for the management of the following project areas:programs that receive targeted funding. These include:


    The support offered in science is designed to enhance the capacity of science teachers and leaders in Catholic schools to develop scientific literacy for all students. Support to schools occurs through partnership projects, curriculum programs, leadership networks, resource officers and accredited science courses, all of which present science as meaningful and engaging for students, connected with multiple learning areas and types of learning, and which reflect the vision for Catholic contemporary learning.


    The allocation of funds to support Languages programs in primary schools is managed along with support to language networks of teachers from the primary and secondary sectors. Professional learning programs that support Languages teachers to utilise ICT in their teaching and keep them informed about contemporary approaches to language learning are available. 

    National Asian Languages and Studies in Schools Program (NALSSP)

    A range of projects have been initiated to enable schools to deepen their understanding of the place of Australia in the Asian region and to develop studies of Asia and Asian language study in the curriculum. Four strategic approaches have been adopted

    1. developing leadership capacity for Asia-literate schools
    2. developing pedagogy and ICT skills of language teachers
    3. developing Asia literacy across the curriculum
    4. developing partnerships across education, community and business sectors.

    Contact the Improved Learning Outcomes Unit on 03 9267 0228. 


  • Mr Simon Lindsay

    Manager, Improved Learning Outcomes

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    Administrative Assistant
    Elizabeth Acabado



    Project Officers
    Renae BishopDeborah Courtney
    Catherine Devine
    Sara Sirianni
    Shelley Waldon

    Project Lead, Languages
    Jennifer Brown-Omichi

    Project Officer, Languages
    Kathryn Nolan

    Team Leader, Pathways and Transitions
    Peter Devery

    Education Officer
    Jenny Wilson

    Project Lead, Literacy
    Margaret Vingerhoets

    Project Lead, Mathematics
    Valerie Everist

    Note: Learning Consultants are based in the Regional Offices.