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  • Integrated Catholic Online Network (ICON)

    ICON Project Team 

    The Integrated Catholic Online Network (ICON) project is a collaborative project between Victorian Catholic schools and the four Victorian Catholic Education Offices in the Archdiocese of Melbourne and the Diocese of Ballarat, Sale and Sandhurst.

    ICON vision

    ICON will provide core technologies for Victorian Catholic education. It will provide tools to foster rich and deep student learning powered by Catholic educators collaborating, pooling learning resources and optimising student learning outcomes over time. ICON will also provide system-wide technology to optimise school administration.

    ICON builds on the Catholic tradition of working together to improve all schools by facilitating collaboration, the pooling of resources, and strategies to improve student learning across Victorian Catholic education to capitalise on and enhance the collective wisdom of Catholic educators and administrators.

    ICON implementation for schools

    ICON will be accessible through a customised portal for staff, teachers, students and parents, and will include a range of features for each group. The three main components that make up ICON are eAdmin, eLearn and ePlan.

    The ICON team will support the development and implementation of ICON for schools. The rollout of the ICON platform is scheduled s a series of four product releases.

    The first release of the ICON platform is being implemented progressively to eight primary schools throughout Term 4, 2016. St Joseph’s Primary School, Boronia, St John Vianney’s School, Mulgrave and Emmaus Catholic Primary School, Sydenham are the first three schools to successfully migrate to the ICON platform. School staff are now using the eAdmin applications to process payroll, pay accounts and manage student details.

    ICON components

    eAdmin will provide all Catholic schools in Victoria with a streamlined and efficient way to manage human resources, finances and interactions with parents. eAdmin will be used by all Catholic schools making it easy for records and information to follow a student when they change schools.

    eLearn will provide teachers and students with access to a streamlined, efficient and integrated suite of collaboration tools and learning resources that will support and enable high-quality learning and teaching. 

    eLearn will support the development of communities of learning and practice with Google Apps for Education (G Suite). Student collaboration with peers and teachers will be enhanced for both local and global communities. Teachers will be able to easily collaborate online with other teachers in their school, from other Catholic schools in their area and across the whole Victorian Catholic system.

    ePlan will provide easy-to-use business intelligence reporting for Victorian Catholic schools, with a particular focus on supporting the work of classroom teachers, ‘middle’ leaders with curriculum and student support roles, and school leaders.

    ePlan will help school leaders and teachers to work with families to support the full flourishing of each student.

    More information
    For schools seeking further information and the latest news about ICON, visit the ICON Implementation Support site  or contact the ICON team on (03) 9267 0228.




  • Business Stakeholder / Liaison Manager
    Kaye Byrne

    Project Support Coordinator
    Eliane Pinheiro

    ICON Implementation & Client Services
    Adam Hattingh

    Data Analyst
    Terry Pino
    Tramanh Trinh

    School Data Migration
    Anna Rerakis

     Implementation Project Manager
    Brent McLaughlin

    Level 1 Helpdesk analysts
    Varundeep Kaur
    Harpreet Simmons

    Level 2 Helpdesk analyst
    Kim Bell


    ICON School Engagement/Coach
    Mary Oski

    Executive Assistant
    Karen McCormack

    eLearn Centre of Excellence Lead
    Fiona Turner

    Education Officers
    Sharon Armstrong
    Daniel Avano
    Dean Carmody
    Craig Cummings
    Danielle Fitton

    Implementation Lead
    Clare Scott

    Implementation Coaches
    Richard Callanan
    Aaron Davis
    Kelly Moore
    Catherine O'Halloran

    Communications Officer
    Stav Psonis

    ePlan Transitional Manager
    Penny Addison


    eAdmin School Support Manager
    John Francis

    eAdmin School Support Analysts
    James Clarke
    Megan Collings-Wells
    Jasmine Eroglu
    Laurel Hill
    Colette Lim
    Maree Valles

    ICON Trainers & Writers
    Rochelle Bright
    Wayne Connell
    Lara Cina
    Greg Hunt
    Anna De Michele
    Julea Miguel

    ePlan Subject Matter Expert
    Peta Nobelius

    ePlan Development
    Grant Fitzgerald
    Christine Lynch
    Sue O'Connell
    Danielle Peters
    Felix Siddell


    ICON Tech Program Director and CIO
    Phillip Roe

    IT Strategy & Architecture
    Simon Mitchell-Wong

    ICON Project
    David Hartwich

    ICON Delivery
    Ian Johnston

    ICON Centre of Excellence Lead (Implementation)
    David Micallef

    Function Consultants
    Sue Bandara
    Brendon Dimasi
    Frank Gomizel
    Chandika Gunawardana

    ICON Accountant
    Francis Chew

    ICON Centre of Excellence Lead (Applications)
    Rohan Duncan

    Functional Consultants
    Serena Christensen
    Andrew Cook
    Kerrie Gibson
    Alison Ha
    Graham Kidd
    Andrew McKenzie
    Maha Michael
    Michael Otsuka
    Rebecca Politis
    Helen Vinter
    Zoe White

    Infrastructure Lead
    Jimmy Kemp