Coalition fulfils election funding promise

Victorian Catholic schools are now receiving additional funding that was promised by the state government prior to the last election.

The Executive Director of Catholic Education, Stephen Elder, has thanked the Coalition government for delivering its election pledge to increase funding to Catholic schools to 25 per cent of the cost of educating a government school student. 

  Coalition fulfils election funding promise 

Mr Elder said the additional funding would greatly benefit Catholic students who make up more than 22% of all school students in Victoria.

“The commitment by the Coalition government reaffirms parental choice in education. We have always argued that parents should have the right to choose the sort of education they want for their child,” said Mr Elder. “Catholic school communities across Victoria will be very pleased with this outcome.

“This commitment to 25% funding for Catholic schools will ensure parents are not required to pay an increasing share of school costs just to keep pace with education quality in government schools.”

My School 2 data released earlier this year revealed that in 2009, average net recurrent income per student in government schools in Victoria was $10,179, compared to $9,300 per student in Catholic schools. Total government funding for Victorian Catholic schools is less than 80 per cent of the funding received by government schools.

“Ted Baillieu and Peter Ryan pledged their support for a fair funding increase more than three years ago and we are most grateful for this additional support,” said Mr Elder.