Big Top, Big Time

Ferocious lions and wild bears were once feature acts at the circus. Much to the delight of the children, brown bears would be made to dance on their hind quarters while the crack of the lion tamer’s whip would reverberate around the Big Top.

The circus today is a far different beast, having moved away from parading ‘wild’ animals to entertaining the masses in more cultured ways.


 Big top big time_large

The students at Resurrection School, Keysborough, recently had the opportunity to perform under the Silvers Circus Big Top at the Sandown Park Hotel car park. The youngsters went through their paces, juggling, spinning plates and participating in group balancing acts.

Under the guidance of performing arts teacher, Lou Endicott, the students had been training and learning various circus skills for 12 months.

Principal Steve Bellesini says the school and the circus have forged a productive partnership. “Silvers Circus handed over its Big Top for two nights for these unique performances. The children were so excited as they had been practising for many months,” says Dr Bellesini.

“It was a fun two nights and an experience the kids will never forget.”