Drama festival builds student confidence

Drama festival builds_story 1Why do people take delight in identifying with terms like 'Nerd', 'Goth', 'Jock', 'Arty', and 'Popular'? It was the question the students at Sacred Heart Girls' College in Geelong tried to answer with their play 'Breaking the Mould'.

The play, a celebration of individuality, was one of 45 performed during the recent Student Wellbeing Drama Festival, organised by the Catholic Education Office Melbourne (CEOM). The 5th annual festival was held in Melbourne, Geelong and Frankston and involved 1,600 Catholic school students.

The festival was aimed at empowering Catholic school communities to focus on student wellbeing; to support student wellbeing initiatives across the school; and to promote school participation in the arts.

Executive Director of Catholic Education, Stephen Elder, said the festival helped students with issues of confidence and self-esteem. 'Catholic schools are being widely recognised for developing stronger relationships with their communities, overcoming disadvantage and improving student wellbeing and learning outcomes.'

'The stage builds the confidence of young people, giving them the opportunity to perform in front of an audience and in front of their peers. It is especially important when they have their own story to tell, issues that personally affect them.'

The winners of the Special Awards in the primary school category were: Xavier College, Kostka Hall, Brighton (Special Award 1); Christ Our Holy Redeemer, Oakleigh East (2); and St Paul's Primary School, Bentleigh (3).

In the secondary category, the winners were: Sacred Heart Girls' College, Oakleigh (Special Award 1); Emmanuel College, St Paul's Campus, Altona North (2); and our Lady of Mercy College, Heidelberg (3).

More images and video of the award winning plays are available on the Student Wellbeing Drama Festival page.