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  • What is Religious Education?

    Religion is an essential characteristic of many societies and religious knowledge is fundamental to an understanding of self, others, the world and God.

    Religious Education promotes an understanding of story, ethics, ritual and symbol that have shaped humanity from the earliest times. It helps students appreciate the role of prayer, beliefs, sacraments and sacred texts in people’s lives.

    In a Catholic school, Religious Education attends to the spiritual development of each person, acknowledging and celebrating the Spirit at work, inviting a relationship with God and a Christ-like stance towards others. It is at the same time a disciplined process of ‘faith seeking understanding’, where the questions of God, beliefs and life are articulated and explored within the Catholic tradition to develop students’ faith lives and stimulate a search for meaning and truth. Religious Education is grounded in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, providing opportunities to encounter the living Christ through the holiness and brokenness of the individuals and communities we relate to.

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    Religious Education invites students to appreciate the value of Catholic faith and to respect the other faiths and world views that permeate Australia’s diverse society. This knowledge and understanding are essential for a rich spiritual life and for informed and committed participation in a global Church, working for the common good. 

    Religious Education in a Catholic school aims to develop:

    • appreciation and deep understanding of the richness of the Catholic tradition
    • religious self-understanding and spiritual awareness
    • openness to religious questions and to a religious interpretation of the world
    • awareness of the diversity of voices in society and within the school
    • discernment and participation informed by the Catholic tradition.

    Link to the Religious Education Curriculum Framework.