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  • Schools as Core Social Centres

    The Schools As Core Social Centres initiative is built on a model that brings clusters of schools across the Archdiocese of Melbourne together to focus on how they can best engage parents and the broader community.

    It promotes a ‘whole school – whole community’ approach to wellbeing. Principles underpinning the Schools As Core Social Centres approach provide schools with a basis from which to enhance relationships with the community, and recognise the roles of parents, volunteers, businesses and other professionals, and the part they are able to play in enhancing learning.

    Working in clusters helps schools to broaden their resource base, and enhance their capacity to expand knowledge, and share ideas about effective partnership building strategies. A cluster of schools may for example, fund a professional speaker to focus on a topical issue, and invite not just the families but the broader community. They may focus on a project targeting a specific need, or share information, resources or facilities. Clusters meet regularly and are supported in their work by Catholic Education Melbourne.

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