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  • A Vision for Mathematics 

    Competence in mathematics is essential if an individual is to participate fully in society. Students with effective numeracy skills achieve not only in mathematics but also in other areas of learning.

    Successful transition from one stage of schooling to the next depends on a well developed foundation of mathematics skills and positive attitudes to learning.

    Students need to have the necessary skills to engage with the numeracy demands of the curriculum. In contemporary society, mathematics has a fundamental role in enabling cultural, social and technological advances and empowering individuals as critical citizens.

    Catholic Education Melbourne, in partnership with leaders and teachers from primary and secondary schools, aims to improve the mathematical understandings and numeracy skills of all students in Catholic schools.

    Mathematics Learning that Counts is a five-year plan to:mathematics4 

    • improve and develop the mathematics discipline knowledge of classroom teachers   
    • build the leadership capacity of mathematics curriculum leaders 
    • provide targeted intervention programs for students with low attaining results in numeracy/mathematics  
    • increase student performance in mathematics P–12 for all student cohorts 
    • promote higher order thinking in mathematics.