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  • Benefits & Partnerships

    Through the collaborative efforts of schools, Catholic Education Melbourne and its partners through Mathematics Learning that Counts Strategy will:

    • build the leadership capacity of mathematics leaders
    • provide opportunities for mathematics leaders to update their qualifications in mathematics leadership
    • deliver comprehensive professional learning for teachers and leaders in mathematics
    • enable teachers to provide high quality learning opportunities for all students in mathematics
    • encourage teachers to develop high expectations for all students
    • build the capacity of school leaders to effectively interpret and monitor school improvement data in mathematics
    • assist schools to make informed decisions for continual improvement in mathematics
    • provide schools and teachers with advice on offering strong learning opportunities for students with low attainment in number
    • promote the need for all teachers to provide a comprehensive challenging mathematics curriculum for all
    • create an online learning resource to assist teachers with the implementation of this challenging mathematics curriculum.


    Mathematics Learning that Counts incorporates the development of a number of strategic partnerships with universities and professional associations within Victoria and nationally. This includes partnership with:mathematics5 

    • Australian Catholic University, Melbourne
    • Monash University, Melbourne
    • University of Melbourne
    • Dr Robert Wright (Southern Cross University, NSW).

    The strategy also links into the national organisation for mathematics teachers – Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers (AAMT).

    These partnerships maximise the capacity of Catholic Education Melbourne to deliver exceptional services to schools in mathematics education.