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  • Working in Catholic Education

    The Archdiocese of Melbourne hosts the largest Catholic education system in the country. Catholic schools in this Archdiocese educate approximately one in four metropolitan students.


  • Professional Learning Opportunities

    Staff in Catholic schools are encouraged to engage in professional learning, always seeking innovative and sustainable ways to improve their practice. 


  • 2017 Liturgical Calendar

    Download the 2017 Liturgical Calendar for schools as a 
    Word document or PDF.  

    Download the 2016 Liturgical Calendar for schools as a
    Word document or PDF.

    Gifted and Talented Students

    finance thumbGifted and Talented Students: A Resource Guide for Teachers in Victorian Catholic Schools is designed to assist Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Melbourne to respond effectively to the needs of gifted students.


  • School Improvement Framework – Engaging the School Community

    SIF logoSchool Improvement Framework (SIF) – Engaging the School Community was created with the support and participation of four Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Melbourne.

    The ability to genuinely engage with all members of the community – students, staff and parents – is integral to each school’s journey of continuous school improvement.

    This resource portrays the narratives of four Catholic schools and explores:

    • How they engage staff in the four-year SIF cycle
    • How they engage students and parents
    • What has worked well – and what challenges they have experienced along the way
    • What advice they would offer to other Catholic schools.

    Principals, deputy principals, SIF coordinators, SIF sphere leaders and team members, students and parents reflect and share their experiences of engaging as a community in school improvement. As well, an external school reviewer and Catholic Education Melbourne Principal Consultant provide insights into the benefits and importance of schools engaging their communities in the process of continuous school improvement.

    A valuable resource for schools at all stages of the four-year school improvement cycle.