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  • Parents are partners in the learning journeys of their children

    Catholic Education Melbourne has a range of materials and information for parents to assist them to work in partnership with their local parish primary school and secondary schools.


  • School Attendance – Every Day Counts

    Every Day Counts  Daily school attendance is important for all children and young people to succeed in education and to ensure they don’t fall behind both socially and developmentally.
    Children and young people who regularly attend school and complete year 12 or an equivalent have better health outcomes, better employment outcomes and higher incomes across their lives. It is very important that children develop habits of regular attendance from an early age.


  • Your child's wellbeing

    In the family, the parents, as the primary educators of their children, begin the work of personal, spiritual and social development.  The example of parents provide the strongest and most lasting influence on their children.


  • Catholic Schools: First Choice for Catholic Families

    The Archdiocese of Melbourne hosts the largest Catholic education system in the country, with 329 primary and secondary schools. Catholic schools in this Archdiocese educate approximately one in four Melbourne metropolitan students.


  • Parent Handbooks

     Parent Handbook- Landing image 

    The Parent Handbooks are designed for parents whose child is about to commence their educational journey at a Catholic primary and secondary school.


  • Victorian Catholic Schools Parent Body

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    The Victorian Catholic Schools Parent Body (VCSPB) was established at the start of 2006. 
    The purposes of the VCSPB are to:

    • provide a forum to represent parents in Victorian Catholic schools

    • promote parents as partners in education with the school, Church and the community

    • promote the principles of Catholic education in collaboration with the Diocesan Bishops

    • promote Catholic schools as schools of first choice for Catholic families.

    The VCSPB represents parents of students in Catholic schools at diocesan, state and national levels, through school boards, or where none exist, through school based parent support groups.

  • Australian Catholic University services

    The ACU Melbourne Psychology and Counselling Clinic (MPACC) provides services including counselling and educational assessments. They also run seminars and programs including 'Transition from Primary School to Secondary School' and 'Coping with Caring'.