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  • Government funding for Catholic schools compared to government schools in Victoria

    Catholic schools continue to receive significantly less government funding than government schools. In 2014, Catholic schools across Australia received 18% less funding, on average, and in Victoria they received 9% less.

    Both government and Catholic schools in Victoria receive considerably less government funding than their counterparts elsewhere in Australia. In the Australian Government’s Schooling Resource Standard funding model, both the government school system and the Catholic school system are considered to be 'under-funded' relative to their needs.

     Government funding in 2014 

    Some commentators in the media like to compare funding for certain government schools against certain Catholic schools. Invariably the schools chosen are cherry picked for particular reasons – usually to 'prove' that Catholic school are 'over funded' compared to government schools. This so-called 'analysis' is contrived and misleading.

    Catholic system authorities and state and territory governments allocate funding to schools based on their own funding formulas. These formulas differ and reflect different perspectives on what schools are estimated to 'need' based on their individual circumstances. As a result, the exact same school would receive different funding depending on whether it is in the Catholic system or the government system.

    Because of this, the only issue that is relevant in funding comparisons is the total amount of government funding that Catholic systems receive for their schools, versus the total amount received by government schools. As shown above, in 2014, Catholic schools received 18% less government funding (per student, including capital funding) than government schools. This is the simple fact of the matter.

    Government funding for Catholic schools in Victoria compared to other Catholic schools

    Catholic schools in Victoria receive less government funding than Catholic schools in all other Australian jurisdictions, except for the ACT. In 2014, the Catholic schools in Victoria received about 7% less government funding than Catholic schools outside Victoria.

     Government funding catholic systems